UFO Sighting in Green Valley, Arizona on 2017-12-29 00:00:00 – Mother ship releasing orbs,

1. one hour before sunset, my back porch.
2. watching the light change on the mts.
3. looked like a very bright star, but no other stars for an hour.
4. looked like a white led with a very light blue hue. i watched it for
about 10 min then it changed size, got a little bigger.
5.Tried to film with a phone, didn’t work, viewed totally for 15 min with
good binos.
6. very bright ball, dropped small orbs, (30 to 40).
7. floated down very slowly, watched for 5 mim.
8. the mother ship got smaller and disappeared.
9. as the orbs floated down one orb moved around there orbes, like it was
arranging them.
10. all the small orbs faded away at one time.

this is where it gets weard

11. there was a thick layer of pollution over tuscon, it dissipated in
the next hour after the even?

12. reaction, i knew i had seen this before on you tube, happened over
long beach ca. several vids on it. same thing happened here over
tuscon today

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