UFO Sighting in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on 2017-12-20 06:09:00 – I noticed two bright lights moving together north about halfway up the sky from the horizon, before they blinked together and met up with a third blinking light then moved north east and disappeared over the top of the houses.

6:09 am i pull out my phone to change my music while i wait for my carpool in my front yard.
i notice two bright blue-white lights that i assumed had to be a pair of satellites when they began to move together relative to the other stars and clouds very noticeably.
the pair of lights blink in unison and drift to the north east from the east and from right overhead to about 45 degrees from the horizon, just above the treetops and rooftops.
shortly after a third light comes from the north from a low to a higher angle and meets with the two other lights, and forms a triangle as they pass beyond view over the rooftops
i was fascinated at the time, but now i’v turned to fear as over the last ten days i’ve had more unrecorded encounters with blue blinking lights, most notably tonight at work and home, i have been seeing a staccato blinking in the sky and then nothing. i shone my iphone’s flash in the same pattern and got a response, after that i locked my doors and have been writing this report since.
thank you for your time.

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