UFO Sighting in Palm Bay, Florida on 2017-12-31 21:01:00 – Strange light at night. no sound, light faded and could see an object before disappearing altogether.

I went outside on my back porch to smoke and read my novel. my porch is screened in. while reading, i just happened to glance up and i saw an unusual, orange-yellow light that appeared to be moving. i stepped out of the screened-in porch to get a better view. the light was definitely moving across the sky and appeared to flicker, becoming brighter than softer a few times before fading and than going out. when this light faded, i saw an object. it was dark outside and this “thing” was pretty far away but it appeared to be spherical in shape, was dark grey or black in color and seemed to move effortlessly. it made no noise that i could discern and had no other lights on or around it. truthfully, i thought this object may have been a helicopter at first, but when the light faded and i saw the object against the sky, i really had no idea what it could have been. now, this happened today, which is new year’s eve. and, yes there were fire works around. but i know fireworks. they do not fly above your house and disappear over the horizon. this thing was not a firework. it was unlike anything i have ever seen before and did scare me for a moment, especially after its light faded out and i could still see “it” moving along the sky, silently. after the light faded, i could only track it for a second or two as it moved toward the horizon. i lost track of it due to it being so dark outside and the object habing no color or other lights on or around it. after it vanished, i stood for a moment to collect myself, went back in the screened porch and sat down for a few minutes to try and think, asking myself, did i really see what i just saw? this can’t be happening to me. but it did. and i know what i saw was there and was real and that i do not know what it was.

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