UFO Sighting in Alamogordo, New Mexico on 1977-02-28 10:00:00 – Object flew from n to s then did a u turn and flew n radius 35 miles @ 1,200 mph

I was working at the holloman afb, as a civilian photographer, and was told a ufo overflew the white sands missile range. it came from the north down the east side of the range and did a u turn across the range (35 miles wide) and went up the west side of the range. two radars tracked the object, one at holloman afb and the other at the white sands missile range headquarters to the south. speed was estimated at 1,200 mph.

i was working at holloman air force base in nm. i am a civilian and asked one of the usaf officers, a captain, if he could verify the overflight of a reported ufo.. he came back an hour later and said that it was true. overflight was done at 1,200 mph, height unknown, and the object did a u turn that was 35 miles across. holloman afb and white sands test facility radars acquired and traced the object. no known aircraft could accomplish such a tight turn at that speed.

the next day one of my coworkers said two schoolteachers he knew said they were on the east side of the range driving in the sacramento mountains and had seen a ufo come over them.

the time frame is approximate as it was a long time ago and i am not sure of the year, but remember the details of the incidence. you probably have this incident in your mufon files. in my job, i tracked and photographed many rocket launches and recoveries and missiles coming into the range from utah and never witnessed a ufo incident.

i once was driving across the range and a pick-up was about a mile ahead of me and clearly visible to me. some few minutes after that i came to a stop as there was a small missile 8″ or 10″ x 4 ‘, stuck upright in the pavement on my side of the road. it had to have landed after the pick-up went by and before i came to it. one of the dangers in working on that missile range.

air in that region is very dry and visibility is usually unlimited. altitude at the missile range is apx 4,000 feet. i have seen venus overhead in broad daylight without use of any device – ie; binoculars or telescope.

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