UFO Sighting in Stoke on trent, England on 2017-11-29 02:00:00 – 2 circle bright red and back to white constantly. danced together in sky, then shot up and disappeared.

I have been seen this every two years around middle of november. in different locations. always not far from where i was living at the time. it all started when i was 17, im 39 now. when i was 17 i had a dream i was floating in the sky and unable to come back down. when i awoke i had a perfect circle (like a burn but perfectly circle on my lower back just above my waist line, this was the middle of november 1997.Since then every second november in the middle of the month, i am unable to stop looking at the sky at night, every two years i see the same dancing lights with the same movements as all others. please dont think im a nutter, ive kept this to myself for many years, due to ridicule. but yet again this middle of november, i was flying my owl at parkhall in staffordshire england. the same lights, same dance, appeared above my head. i dont know whats going on, but everytime i see them, i feel a deep terror, followed by a soothing feeling as if its ok. please could you help identify these things, and why every two years in middle of november do they turn up in my eye sight. please dont ridicule me, its took me years to get in touch with yourselves. i just need to know what is going on. many thanks.
richard. i have no evidence of this as it happens so quickly, and for some reason, recording it never comes to mind. im not a crack pot, somethings going on, and id like get to the bottom of it all. many thanks again, richard.

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