UFO Sighting in Wolcott, New York on 1994-05-01 00:00:00 – While smoking outside i saw a ufo appear above a barn across the road from where i lived

It was late at night about midnight and i remember it was very nice out so i’m guessing it was may and i stepped outside to have a cigarette on the deck. we kept a dog outside on a chain and she was barking and facing the direction across the road from me. i followed her gaze toward a small animal which turned out to be a raccoon after it scurried it’s way under the light of a nearby outdoor light. i watched as the raccoon made its way into a hole in the side of a barn. just as it entered the barn that’s when it happened. some gigantic craft appeared out of nowhere just above this barn with such bright lights of the likes that i have never seen before. and it was as if this thing took immediate control over me and my dog quit barking and all the crickets and toads quit chirping, everything was silent and i couldn’t move anything except my eyes. this lasted long enough for the cigarette to burn the full length down to the filter and that’s when it released me to where i was able to move again. i’m guessing about eight minutes went by judging by how long it takes to burn through a cigarette and then the thing vanished without descending away. some things i was able to observe were that it was so bright i couldn’t see the shape and it didn’t make a single noise.

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