Alien Encounter in Cambridge, Ontario on 2017-07-22 20:02:00 – Do not know what these were but were unknown there creepy skinny like fugures

I was waiting for a bus when this van pulled up weird creaters or un human looking people popped out. you can see the outline of their face and eye sockets wearing black and alien color grey color. i am not sire excaly what they were after they left people were complaining of their cell phones crashing or they suddenly stopped working. ive had drone like flying object i’ve seen in the sky before and now this happen. it is unknown if their human or a alien or even another species we don’t know exist it creeper me out. it honestly looked like they were looking at me. after a min or so after people n me took pictures and made it clear we took the photos they took off. i moved out of the city and still am in shocked and don’t know what it is to this day

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