UFO Sighting in Cheney, Washington on 2018-01-02 16:08:00 – Bright lights blinded me but i seen through and i noticed a figures in all of the ships

So i sitting on top of the park gazebo hanging out looking at girls listening to the snow crunch and melt then out of my purifrial vision i see a bright lights 4 bright lights as im looking i could kinda see almost people it freaked me out and i was frightened so i did a voice recording because my camera doesn’t work i don’t know if you could hear the humming of the ships but it was a true terrifying experience then they started moving quickly through the air and then they just disappeared. i had went home and watched videos on what to do and of course one of the things was to get pictures and i couldn’t i had also heard to not draw attention to the men in black witch i don’t know who they are?? all i know is the movie!! aha anyways that is it for the story of the experience of the ufo sighting

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