UFO Sighting in Medicine Hat, Alberta on 2017-06-16 23:30:00 – Taking photos of the moon and when we took the photos a green like orb was caught on film, not seen by the naked eye.

Taking pictures of the moon around 11:30pm at our fire in our backyard, our vision was focused on only the moon when we viewed the photos after, the first photo there was nothing then in the second photo there was a green like orb and in the third photo the orb went down then disappeared. you could not see the orb with the naked eye. when we first seen it we thought it was a street light but no street lights were there, to low for a plain and we couldn’t see it without the camera then we were shocked that it disappeared without a trace. the green orb didn’t apear again. it was a sphere, bright green orb/object.

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