UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on 2018-01-03 18:00:00 – Hoverin while communication with me i walked outside and looked up. abducted returned then bright light then flashed again over 500 ft with boom and rumble and then they don’t. talking to me.

For several years ive had unexplained things happing to me. from abductions to telepathic communications of some type with others that sound human. interactive miterials with those “others”. closing my eyes and seeing as clearly if my eyes were open but whats i was seeing was some where else with other “ppl” with intention of accomplishing a goal unkonw to me and grey aliens looking in windows knocking on them to get my attention and them using the telepathy or something telling me to chill out and alot of other things.And alot more experienced with them. for several yrs ive wondered about the pops/booms,voices, rumbles and light flashes and how they do what they do.

abduction /visitation again

tonight jan 3 2018 i walked out in the back yard and. was abducted/visited i looked up a large orb or ship like object was hovering over my home a less than 100 ft it interacted with me using a human voice. showed me other people/enties and i felt like they wanted me to socialize i refused (this happened alot but the first time i’ve seen thier craft or what have you this close) and was returned to my door step looking in the same direction with the object still at the same altitude .It flashed a bright light i heard a boom or pop. then i looking up in the same direction it was at an altitude of 500 ft plus.For several years they’ve been harrassing me and worse.

i’m sure that the orbs that piolots see ect have a purpose of spying on humans . and with what theyve been doing i have developed the assumption that they have been finding humans with certain characteristics taking that what they like to developed a personality for aliens who look human and can provide a vibe that a human would respect. i’ve see greys up close and the use our brains against us. making us feel what they want us to. and that purpose it to know where our minds are i.E. scared defensive inspired ect. to use the unused part of our minds.

ive been abducted multiply times. tonight i’m sure that whats been happing is alien.

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