UFO Sighting in Lynchburg looking NNE 67°, Virginia on 2018-01-01 01:40:00 – Square flashing changing colors when zoomed an x appeared in the box and floated around about 5 degrees

It was 1:40 in the morning it’s 10 degrees outside i got up to use the restroom looked out the bathroom window like i always do north-northeast at 67 degrees because i have a compass on my phone i noticed a light that seem to be kind of swaying around well i thought it was me making it appear that way with my eyes cuz i was in the dark but as i stopped and look through the window i focused on it and it was actually moving around it appeared like a low star and it was flashing changing colors and just kind of floating around. i got my phone shot the first video held the bottom of the phone against the window pane so it wouldn’t bump around and zoomed in. there appears to be an x and it appears to be in the center of a square that appears to be turning blue green red violet orange white and kind of pulsing or throbbing. the x in the center didn’t seem like it was straight lines making it they were zig zag i move to the bedroom and that’s when i took the second video which i didn’t put on here for uploading purposes but i have it and then about to look back out the window after riding part of this report and it was gone.

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