Are aliens to blame for mutilated wild boars found along Florida Road?

Witness states: At 9:45 am on the morning of January 2nd 2018, my wife Tina and I were traveling along Moore rd in Polk City, Florida. We were looking for bald eagles, which my wife had seen earlier that morning along the same stretch of road.

At 11191 Moore rd we pulled our car over, got out and began observing the area for eagles. We did not find any, however, something else caught our attention.

Two dead wild boars on the side of the road and the bodies presented in typical cattle mutilation conditions.

There was very little decomposition and the animal’s skin looked to be almost surgically removed. Perhaps even stranger than the presence of the bodies, was the fact that there were two, lying right next to each other.

We both agreed that it was highly unlikely that two wild boars would be hit at the exact same time in the exact same place.

Upon further investigation of the seen we detected no unusual smells, or observed anything else out of the ordinary.

There was no blood in the road and the animals did not appear to have been dragged to their final positions. It looked as if they had been drained and dropped there. Mufon case 89301.

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