Your Weekly Attenborough: Ctenocheloides attenboroughi

Some species are so rare, so secluded or timid that they flit through our consciousness like a ghost. Perhaps they’re known from no more than a single specimen, others, undoubtedly, exist only in the hazy halls of rumor. The diversity of life is too great for us, a single species, to pin every bit of biodiversity under […]

For Mars, NASA Is Thinking Nuclear

Everyone knows NASA has a tough job. Slipping “the surly bonds of Earth” is just the beginning for them. And while getting to the moon, and even Mars, is technically possible right now, one of the biggest problems remains finding and using a decent power source. So why not use nuclear power? Nuclear Know-how No, […]

Why Star Wars Space Nazis Shun Killer Robots

Star Wars films tend to dwell upon space fantasy adventures that mix starships with space wizards wielding laser swords in a galaxy far, far away. Despite that focus, a number of Star Wars films also happen to feature another staple of science fiction: killer robots. Fictional killer robots often represent either the agents of greater villains or the primary existential threat to humanity in many science […]

Electronic Skin Puts the World in the Palm of Your Hand

Someday, physically touching our electronic devices will be as archaic as standing up from the recliner to change the channel. Voice recognition systems and home assistants can turn on lights, pull up podcasts and order paper towels on command. Cameras in video game systems and televisions can do our bidding with a gesture. And to […]

Daily UFO Headlines 1/18/2018

Top secret files reveal probe into UFO spotted near Blackpool’s Central Pier – The Gazette UFO or balloon? Netizens mock newspaper editor for publishing photos of ‘mysterious object’ [Video] – International Business Times New biggest radio telescope to help detect alien signals – CNET UH researchers develop powerful new tool for looking for life beyond […]

Flashback Friday: Overweight Waiters Sell More Dessert

It’s January again, which means many people are trying to lose weight. Previous studies have shown that you are likely to eat more if you are dining with an overweight companion. But what if you are at a restaurant and it’s your server who is overweight? In this study, the researchers observed almost 500 interactions between […]

What are these rays of energy beamed down lightning the ground in Michigan?

At exactly the same time a meteor flashed through the sky in Michigan, the United States Geological Survey reported a 2.0 magnitude earthquake at 8:09 p.m. January 16, 2018. The mean stream media will have you to believe it was a meteor, but images taken at the moment of the “meteor” event showing something else […]

UFO News Article: “Ufo, quattro casi segnalati dallʼAeronautica militare nel 2016” (“Ufo, four cases reported by the Italian Air Force in 2016”)

13 January 2018 (Mediaset, Milan, Italy) The Italian Air Force has not yet announced how many UFO cases it registered in 2017, according to the article. English translation (by Google Translate): Related posts: Coat of Arms of the Italian Air Force ( image)