UFO TV Talk Show Interview: “Journey with Brenda Roberts – NUFORC Director Peter Davenport talks about Arizona Sightings”

(Unknown date) (Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN), Seattle, Washington) Source: Journey with Brenda Roberts (YouTube channel) Brenda Roberts interviews (late 1990s) National UFO Reporting Center Director Peter Davenport about the 13 March 1997 Phoenix, Arizona, UFO case. Davenport presents Arizona UFO witness phone calls and two TV news reports (Fox 10 and ABC 15). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFO0MqKDEis […]

UFO TV Talk Show Interview: “Journey TV with Brenda Roberts – National UFO Reporting Center 1st Interview with Peter Davenport”

(Unknown date) (Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN), Seattle, Washington) Source: Journey with Brenda Roberts (YouTube channel) Brenda Roberts interviews (early 1990s) Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJwnwcsj_G4 Related posts: realtvufos.blogspot.com/search?q=Peter+Davenport realtvufos.blogspot.com/search?q=“National+UFO+Reporting+Center” Peter Davenport,Director of the National UFO Reporting Center (nuforc.org photo)

In Memoriam: Conversations with my Grandpa

For several months, my grandfather—Ralph Bianchi—has been battling stage four kidney cancer. On Monday, that battle ended when he passed peacefully in his sleep. While you can read his obituary in today’s Boston Globe, a few hundred words cannot wholly capture his legacy. Ralph Bianchi was an engineer and pioneer who dedicated his career to cleaning up the […]

Oldest Human Fossils Outside Africa Push Back Our Timeline…Again

Time keeps marching on…backwards, at least when it comes to telling the story of human evolution and migration. The oldest human fossils found outside of Africa suggest our species may have left that continent 200,000 years ago. You may recall that 2017 was the year that the conventional timeline for human evolution and migration finally […]

Robots to the Rescue: Saving Lives with Unmanned Vehicles

Last week’s sea rescue of Australian swimmers by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is just the start of a robotics revolution. On January 18, an Australian lifeguard piloted a drone over the turbulent ocean off the far north coast of New South Wales to rescue two teens in distress. As thrilling as it was to […]

Support MIQLAT When You Use Amazon!

Did you know that MIQLAT, Mike’s non-profit, is registered with the Amazon smile program? All you need to do is bookmark this link and use it. When you purchase something on Amazon, part of the proceeds go to MIQLAT. Here’s what you should see, and thanks! The post Support MIQLAT When You Use Amazon! appeared […]

Remembering the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster

NASA is holding its annual Day of Remembrance today to honor the crew members of Apollo 1 and space shuttles Challenger and Columbia, as well as other NASA employees who have lost their lives while advancing space exploration. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Columbia’s last space shuttle mission, which suffered a catastrophic and […]

UPDATE: Mike Speaking in Virginia Beach, VA in April

I just posted some updated details on these events. I am speaking twice (April 21-22) at two different locations: Berean Bible Church (April 21) and Virginia Wesleyan University (April 22). Click here to go to my calendar page for more information and links. The post UPDATE: Mike Speaking in Virginia Beach, VA in April appeared […]

Lecture On Aliens Coming To Earth Left University Students Spellbound | UFO CHRONICLE – 1950

     Whatever you think about Flying Saucers, please believe they are the topic of conversation among students of a University class of Denver in basic science. By Charles Little The Denver Post3-9-1950 Several hundred students of the class listened in spellbound silence Wednesday afternoon to an “exciting” forty-five-minute discourse from a guest lecturer on […]

Daily UFO Headlines 1/24/2018

Lecturer who saw UFO outside window hunts for the truth – Littlehampton Gazzette UFO sighting: Bizarre sight shooting across the North Queensland sky captured by photographer – Cairns Post People think NASA cut their ISS stream after a gigantic golden UFO came into view – Crave Are Abnormal Archaeological Finds Proof of Extraterrestrial Life? – […]

Mysterious Plane looking for Underwater UFO base?

It is said that an alien structure has been discovered about 2,000 feet underwater in a particular area between the west coast of the US and Santa Catalina Island. According to reports there is a so much unusual underwater UFO activity in that area that it strongly points to the possibility that there is an […]

A rare video of a UFO turns into a plasma state from the 1950s

Watch the video until the end and do not rush in the verdict, there is a surprise at the end of the video. This is one of the oldest UFOs that was filmed in the 1950s. The UFO appears in the video similar to the plane plates that were photographed by Billy Meyer and vibrates […]

NASA’s Bold Plan to Save Earth From Killer Asteroids

Just beyond Earth’s home in the solar system, about 94 million miles from the Sun, a coal-black asteroid slowly rotates as it orbits our star. It’s about 1,650 feet across, with a slight bulge around the middle, like a spinning top. Its low density means it’s not solid, but instead it’s likely a crumbly pile […]