A rare video of a UFO turns into a plasma state from the 1950s

Watch the video until the end and do not rush in the verdict, there is a surprise at the end of the video. This is one of the oldest UFOs that was filmed in the 1950s.

The UFO appears in the video similar to the plane plates that were photographed by Billy Meyer and vibrates in the same way.

After analyzing Billy Meier’s videos it was found that the cause of the vibration of the UFOs is to equivalent the magnetic field of the earth and then the UFO becomes completely stable and can floats on the magnetic field of the earth and leave and whether we could make a space craft equivalent to the magnetic field of the Earth and float in the air in the 1950s?

Well how about making a space craft that can switch from the situation solid to the plasma state to travel at the speed of light in the 1950s.


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