UFO Article: “Russian General Speaks Out On UFOs”

By Michael Hesemann Source: UFO Evidence (ufoevidence.org) UFO Evidence presents an interview with Major General Vasily Alexeyev, Russian Air Force. The interview was conducted at the Space Communications Centre in Moscow in March 1997. Alexeyev is also interviewed in the UFO documentary film, Riddle of the Skies (Episode 2) (Discovery). http://www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc465.htm Wikipedia article: “Russian Armed […]

Super Bowl Citizen Science Projects from the Science Cheerleaders!

When the Philadelphia Eagles face the New England Patriots on Sunday, look for the brains on the sidelines. A combined THIRTY Super Bowl cheerleaders are currently pursuing careers in STEM. Fifteen on the Patriots side and fifteen on the Eagles side. Below, two former cheerleaders share their picks for Citizen Science on Super Bowl Sunday! Cheers! The […]

The Moon Has Over 250 Million Citizens, Claims A Former CIA Pilot

former CIA pilot shocked the public with his statement that the Moon is actually a livable place with over 250 million citizens. The former CIA pilot, John Lear, has been quite famous among the conspiracy theorists. “Everything you heard about the Moon is a lie,” exclaimed Mr. Lear. He said he has discovered secret structures […]

Spooky ancient sculptures of ‘aliens and spaceships’ in Mexican cave spark claims extraterrestrials have lived on Earth

ANCIENT sculptures depicting alien-like figures have been found in a cave in Mexico, it has been claimed. The spooky artefacts which reportedly date back thousands of years show creatures with long faces and wide eyes. Other sculptures appear to show spaceships flying through the air. The mystery objects are reportedly popular among locals who live […]

Electrical Engineer Re-Discovers Lost NASA Satellite

We’ve all been there: You’re already running late on some hectic morning, only to realize you’ve lost — sorry, misplaced — your keys. Or you realize moments before the big date you can’t find your favorite sweater. It happens to all of us; even NASA has lost whole satellites before. But earlier this week, NASA […]

The Time Has Come For All To Admit That Jesus Was Not White

Historically, white Jesus has been used to oppress and erase the histories of people of color…” The traditional image of Jesus as a blue-eyed, blonde-haired white man is historically inaccurate. In her latest video for MTV Decoded, Franchesa Ramsey tells us how this picture of Jesus came to be even though the Bible doesn’t mention […]

Massive “Ship” Over France, China & Australia!

My question: “IS THIS REAL?” Not the posted videos of the ship but the actual ship. What appears to be the same type ship has appeared in several countries. The obvious question, even with the search lights appearing to scan the ground, has to be is it real or a created mirage for the benefit […]

Is Harmful Corporate Research Ever Justified?

The recent allegations that researchers funded by the German car industry tested the effects of diesel fumes on humans and monkeys has raised serious questions about research ethics in the corporate world. These tests were carried out by scientists on behalf of the now-disbanded European Research Group of Environment and Health in the Transport Sector […]

Daily UFO Headlines 1/31/2018

Zachary Quinto UFO Series ‘In Search Of’ Ordered by History – The Hollywood Reporter Muna: the highest hill in Yucatan and must-see UFO destination – The Yucatan Times Incredible photos show UFO-like clouds near Cheyenne – 9 News Pictures show ‘bizarre swastika-like” UFOs ‘drawn to lights and heat’ of Bridgwater Carnival procession – Somerset Live […]

Mysterious Spheres falling from the Sky in Peru

Strange spherical objects falling from the skies and this time three “space balls” crashed down in Larancahuani in the region of Puno, Peru on January 27, 2018. These kind of mysterious objects have also been reported from Spain, Turkey, Australia, Brazil and other countries, last year. People wonder where these objects came from as they […]

Footage of a UFO passing the Blue Blood Moon

The USAToday live feed were showing the Griffith Observatory live broadcast of the Lunar Eclipse Blue Blood Moon event on January 31, 2018 when suddenly a UFO comes into view travelling at a very high rate of speed going down the left side of the moon and downwards to the left until it was out […]