Ufologist, Ray Stanford Makes Major Dinosaur Discovery

Ufologist, Ray Stanford Makes Major Dinosaur Discovery

Spectacular dinosaur stomping grounds
discovered just outside D.C.

     GREENBELT, Md. — Some 110 million years ago, in the swamp that would become the Washington suburbs, a hulking, armored nodosaur trudged along a riverbank, leaving a telltale print in the mud. Its offspring scrambled after it, slipping in the parent’s print. Other dinosaurs crowded the setting: A long-necked sauropod squelched
By Sarah Kaplan
The Washington Post

through the muck, while several theropods — smaller cousins of the fearsome T-rex — stalked the landscape. Perhaps they were in pursuit of the small, rodent-like creatures hopping about.


… on a summer day in 2012, a self-taught fossil hunter named Ray Stanford noticed the unmistakable shape of the nodosaur’s track as he drove out of a parking lot at what is now NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt.

Years of excavation and analysis revealed the contours of that fossil print and dozens more on a single 8.5-foot-long slab of sandstone, Stanford and his colleagues announced Wednesday.

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