UFO Radio Interview: “1967 Radar-Visual ECM UFO Incident above Southern Florida”

UFORadio International Special, Episode #6 (UFORadio International) Source: OmniTalk Radio (YouTube channel) Quote from the video text: “Guests: Bill Schroeder & Dennis Force On March 31, 1967 two US Military Air Defense Radar Operators tracked a total of eight unidentified targets over coastal areas of southern Florida. Radar site located at Homestead AFB, Florida was […]

Bombardier Beetles Refuse to Be Toad Snacks

Bombardier beetles are the Agent Ks of the insect world. You’ll recall, Men in Black’s Agent K (played by Tommy Lee Jones) exacts revenge after being swallowed by a giant cockroach alien at the New York State Pavilion. Agent K went down the alien’s gullet, but fired his weapon from inside the beast’s stomach (if […]

These Pictures Are the Same—Wait, What?

Take a moment and let this one sink in. It sure seems like the photographer turned a bit to the left before snapping the right-hand image. It’s the lines in the cobblestones — they’re all tilted in the second image compared to the first. A second glance reveals some irregularities, though. Though the lines look tilted relative to […]

The Naked Sun — Where Have All Its Spots Gone?

The Sun recently decided to go naked for awhile, as is evident from this image acquired by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. It lost its spots. The image is from a video posted by NASA showing the Sun going naked from Jan. 26th to Jan. 30th, when a very small, lonely spot finally turns up. In fact, NASA says that with […]

Peek Inside a Meerkat’s Mazelike Manor

I’m a scientist and my job is to look below the surface of the earth. One of the questions often asked of people working with what we call geophysical imaging is, “How deep can you see?” It’s a difficult question to answer of course, since one person’s “deep” is another person’s “shallow”, and what is […]

UFOs Invaded The Tri-State –1963

[…]      According to newspaper reports, a young man driving down a gravel road in Wayne County, Illinois, reported seeing a strange light knifing through the low clouds. As he watched it, transfixed, his car died. By Jon WebbCourier & Press 2-6-18 Three days later, the young man got some company. “Scores of residents” […]

Let’s Watch SpaceX Launch the Falcon Heavy Rocket

SpaceX will today attempt to launch its largest rocket yet, the Falcon Heavy. An upgraded version of the Falcon 9 rocket the spaceflight company has been flying for over two years now, the latest addition to the SpaceX arsenal will be capable of lifting more payload to orbit than any rocket today. The launch is […]

Daily UFO Headlines 2/5/2018

‘UFO and alien’ sightings revealed by Cambridgeshire Police – BBC Nevada UFO Travel Guide Welcomes Visitors – Newsmax Life imitates art? — The reciprocal relationship between UFO reports and Hollywood – AIPT! How UFO Reports Change With the Technology of the Times – Smithsonian World-record UFO Congress to continue in Scottsdale this month – KTAR

UFO TV Talk Show Interview: “Journey with Brenda Roberts – Author Ronald Story discusses UFO Sightings”

(Unknown date) (Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN), Seattle, Washington) Source: Journey with Brenda Roberts (YouTube channel) Quote from the video text: “Ronald Story is an internationally published science writer and honors graduate in philosophy from the University of Arizona. In 1976, Story founded the original UFO Encyclopedia Project, which resulted in the classic, Encyclopedia of […]