UFO Radio Interview: “1967 Radar-Visual ECM UFO Incident above Southern Florida”

UFORadio International Special, Episode #6
(UFORadio International)
Source: OmniTalk Radio (YouTube channel)
Quote from the video text:
“Guests: Bill Schroeder & Dennis Force
On March 31, 1967 two US Military Air Defense Radar Operators tracked a total of eight unidentified targets over coastal areas of southern Florida. Radar site located at Homestead AFB, Florida was stationed by Dennis Force, and second radar battery site at Key West, Florida was served by Bill Schroeder. The operators and radar stations were separated by approximately 100 miles.
The case involves radar detection from multiple radar sites, several interception attempts by fighter jets, visual sighting, and a possible ECM effect caused by an unknown target. Duration of this dramatic incident lasted for approximately 4 hours. Two separate UFO flight groups were identified. Group A was flying over Atlantic area near Miami and Group B was flying over south of the Florida mainland.”

Schroeder was a member of the Army Air Defense Command’s 6/65th Hawk Missile Battalion in Key West. Force was stationed with the 644th Radar Squadron in Homestead.

Schroeder and Force are cousins.
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“UFORadio International is an Investigative Podcast show that originally started back in 2005.”
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