How Presidents Have Handled The Topic of UFOs | UFO CHRONICLE – 1977-78

How Presidents Have Handled The Topic of UFOs

     Two men voiced their concern over the existence of UFOs before assuming the highest elective office in this country: former President Gerald R. Ford and President Jimmy Carter. As House Minority Leader, Ford called for Congressional Inquiries into the nature of UFO sightings, but he did nothing on the subject while President. And Carter, who sighted a UFO himself prior to becoming President, has let the UFO issue slide into obscurity while in office.

For a tiny fraction of Americans and individuals in other lands, the 1976 Presidential elections had more at stake then economics,

Robert Barrow
By Robert Barrow
Argosy UFO

national defense and foreign policy. To those who have spent many years examining the subject of UFOs, the UFO was as important a campaign issue as any.

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