UFO News Article: “Object Lands On Highway”

4 November 1957
(Amarillo Daily News, Texas)
Source: theufochronicles.com
The article reports on the 2-3 November 1957 Levelland, Texas, UFO case.
Quote from the article:
“Sightings of a blazing oval-shaped object that landed on highways and then took off at tremendous speeds straight up early this morning have been reported to the sheriff’s offices here by at least five witnesses from different points near Levelland.
Sheriff Weir Clem said he saw the light from the object himself when he and Deputy Pat McCulloch went out to investigate the sightings at 1:30 a.m., but that he ‘didn’t actually see the thing — only the light from it, as if a flare had been lighted.’
Clem also said that the object or its illumination was seen by two highway patrolmen and a constable from Anton, Lloyd Bollen.
Rep. J. T. Rutherford (D-Tex.), at his Odessa home, called for a statement from the Pentagon on this and other sightings. He said he was dispatching a telegram asking for an explanation from Air Force officials in Washington.
‘If this thing is American, there should be some explanation—at least to people in the area—that it is an American experiment so they will not be alarmed,’ the congressman declared.
‘If it’s not American, the people also should be notified so they can do something—declare open season on it.’ ”
Wikipedia article: “Levelland UFO case”:
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Satellite photo of Levelland, Texas (tageo.com)
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