Winslow Meteorite Sells for Record Price

     Some people buy diamonds on Valentine’s, and some people buy meteorites. On Feb. 14, someone bought a very special rock. Many people may not know that a meteorite from the meteor that created the famous Meteor Crater natural historic landmark site just west of By Bob Martinson The Independent2-23-18 Winslow was recovered and […]

About that New Antidepressant Study

A new Lancet paper about antidepressants caused quite a stir this week. Headlines proclaimed that “It’s official – antidepressants work”, “Study proves anti-depressants are effective”, and “Antidepressants work. Period.” Wew. The truth is that while the Lancet paper is a nice piece of work, it tells us very little that we didn’t already know, and […]

UFO News Article: “Sheriff’s drawing of UFO 1967 Illinois” (not the article’s headline)

10 March 1967 (The Hawk Eye, Burlington, Iowa) Source: The whole article: “UFO SKETCH, made in notebook by Knox County Deputy Sheriff Frank Courson, outlines the sighting of a saucer-type object earlier this week near Galesburg, Ill. Courson said the object was followed with binoculars and appeared ‘bluish white and pulsating red.’ (UPI Photo)” […]

Your Weekly Attenborough: Palaina attenboroughi

It should have been their big break. By all rights, the crown was theirs, won with years of blood, sweat and slime. Maybe, in some far-distant astral plane where justice matters, they’re the rightful victors. But the history books are closed now. Palaina attenboroughi, the second snail to be named after David Attenborough in 2017, was a […]

Making the Case Against Plastic Straws

Walk the remote shores of the Great Lakes, far outside the city, and you’ll find miles of sandy beaches and quiet tranquility. You’ll also find plastic straws. Pink ones, white ones, clear ones. They’re everywhere. In fact, visit any coastline around the world and you’re likely to find plastic straws. Conservation groups highlight them as […]

Simple math shows how many space aliens may be out there

If you say you believe space aliens exist, I doubt your friends will be shocked. In a universe aglow with 2 trillion galaxies, you’d be supremely smug to think that Earth alone hosts clever creatures. One 2015 poll showed that 54 percent of Americans feel confident that intelligent aliens are out there. Maybe that optimism comes […]

We just beamed a signal at space aliens. Was that a bad idea?

In a valley eight miles southeast of the Norwegian city of Tromsø, a radar antenna has just transmitted a short bit of radio programming to potential alien listeners: some specially composed electronic music and a tutorial about geometry and the use of binary numbers. This isn’t the usual approach to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). Ordinarily, […]

Why These Scientists Fear Contact With Space Aliens

The more we learn about the cosmos, the more it seems possible that we are not alone. The entire galaxy is teeming with worlds, and we’re getting better at listening — so the question, “Is there anybody out there?” is one we may be able to answer soon. But do we really want to know? […]

You are not alone: most people believe that aliens exist

Most people in Britain, Germany and the USA believe that extra-terrestrial life exists More than one in two people in the UK, Germany and the US believe there is intelligent life out there in the universe. The next time the subject comes up at the dinner table and you hear laughter when someone admits they […]

Chemists Forge Custom Molecules Upon ‘Diamond Anvils’

Chemistry, Walter White once said, is the study of change. Apply the right combination of materials and heat, electricity, or light — some kind of energy — and the results can literally be explosive. In their quest to manipulate matter, scientists have explored different ways of poking molecules to see how they react. According to […]

How To Make a Monkey an Adidas Fan? Sex and Celebrity

We’re no better than monkeys when it comes to advertising. Or, perhaps it’s better said that they’re no better than us. In a clever study, researchers showed rhesus macaques brand logos (which were just random images to them) paired with a picture of either a high-status male monkey, a low-status male monkey, or female monkey […]

From Painters to Potters, Scientists Stage an Online Art Show

On January 24, University of British Columbia geneticist Dave Ng tweeted, “It’s always interesting to me how kids react when they find out I’m a scientist who also does artistic things (like they can’t co-exist or something). Would love to start a thread where other scientists share their artistic tendencies. #scienceartmix.” Ng posted some of his own visual art […]

UFO Fires Two Projectiles Into The Sun?

Secchi Stereo satellite captured two strange objects flying towards the Sun. If you look closely at the bottom of the video, you can see how two objects appear from nowhere flying straight towards the sun. [embedded content] Check out the original article here. Author: ch veeloo

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