Chile – Multiple UFO Update, New Analysis & Videos Posted

‘Bugs, Birds & Blurfos’ (Oh My…)


Two recent videos, one created and one located, appear to further cast massive doubts on the probability of the Chilean UFOs being anything extraordinary.. Here’s a timeline (of sorts) providing a quick recap as well as trying to to place the newest videos into some sort of context:

24th February: Leslie Kean contacts Dr Richard Haines (Narcap) to inform him she was going to ‘break’ the story in the Huffington Post with the help of the CEFAA. (This knowledge was made public on 16th March, see below)

25th February: Gen. Bermúdez gives a lecture at the International UFO Conference revealing this and other CEFAA cases.

5th March: Blogger, “Antonio Huneeus” posts an article titled, “UFO Disclosure Chilean Style” in which he breaks the story and expands on Gen. Bermúdez’s  presentation  writing:

“An extraordinary daytime multiple video case showing a clear metallic-looking object during an important Chilean Air Force ceremony in 2010.”


Gen. Bermúdez showed the analysis done by the astronomers from CEFAA’s External Committee of Advisors, which established that the object was not a meteoroid, a comet, reentry of space junk, a bird or an airplane.”

Huneeus also states that he has included –courtesy of CEFAA- three images further adding about each respective image:

  1. Frame from the first video at the FACH Ceremony in El Bosque, Nov. 4, 2010, showing a clear image of the metallic looking object. (Credit: CEFAA).

  2. Frame from the second El Bosque video with the F5s showing the heat signature of both the FACH jets and the UFO. (Credit: CEFAA)

  3. Frame from the third El Bosque video showing the F16s and UFO. The official analysis indicated the speed of the UFO was eighteen times faster than the F16s. (Credit: CEFAA)

And closes with the words of Gen. Bermúdez:

“We have studied this case in different ways. First we gave it to the astronomers, who used their own software; second, we gave the film to the air force specialists (FACH’s Aerial Photogrammetric Service). Third, we did our own internal study; we also asked the opinion of Dr. [Richard] Haines and Bruce Maccabee. Maccabee agreed with our astronomers and Richard [Haines] said that there is an unknown aerial phenomenon.”


March 12th: Huffington Post writer Alejandro Rojas posted an article titled, “Video Baffles Chilean Government” which basically offers nothing new and essentially repeats the information and images from the earlier post .

March 13th: Leslie Kean posts an article co-authored with Ralph Blumenthal (also at the Huffington Post website) titled, “UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base” and in which she claims that CEFAA’s analysis resulted in:

“The stunning conclusion: The Chilean jets were being stalked by a UFO.


CEFAA officials collected seven videos of the El Bosque UFO taken from different vantage points. Bermúdez commissioned scientists from many disciplines, aeronautical experts, and air force and army photogrametric technicians to subject the videos to intense scrutiny. They all came to the same conclusions.”


Astronomer Luis Barrera from the Metropolitan University of Sciences in Chile, who has an asteroid named after him, was one of eight highly skeptical scientists who analyzed the footage. He was able to rule out a meteoroid, pieces of meteors or comets, space junk, a bird or an airplane.


15th March: After following the story since I first seen the post I made a Blog post stating that what I was looking at was NO different to similar anomalies I’d seen in the past, i.e. all of them resembling small objects closer to the camera rather that the metres–wide objects which it was being alleged that analysis had showed.(Blog post available here).

16th March: UK Researcher Martin Shough asked Dr Richard Haines (NARCAP) about this event and Haines replies stating that the email may be made public, an excerpt of which follows:

“I managed to open and quantify three of the video files and submitted a confidential summary to CEFAA. This took place soon thereafter. However, it was made clear to me at that time that they (CEFAA) did not want this event to be publicized and so, under the terms of our agreement I just sat on it all. Not even Ted Roe knew of my work.

Time passed.

I recently learned from Leslie Kean that she had contacted CEFAA when she learned that Gen. Bermudez was coming to the USA to give a lecture and that this particular case would be featured. I was quite surprised. For some reason CEFAA had changed its mind.

Leslie K. wrote to me on 24 February 2012 informing me that she was going to break the story on the Huffington Post. Bottom line? My work has not seen the light of day nor been published by me.”

(Source: Email response to Martin Shough posted publicly at UFOUpdates.)

18th March: After personally contacting the astronomer Luis Barrera it transpired that he had never made the statements being attributed to him/his analysis, however he did confirm that he and several others had been analysing the video for over 12 months and had in fact concluded that it was a physical & as yet unidentified object.

I wrote words to this effect in an earlier post which is available here.

19th March: YouTube User HoaxKiller uploaded the following video:

HoaxKiller also wrote:

“After closely examining the videos provided by CEFAA, I have found that the objects pass in front of the hills in the background. I am not sure if they have noticed this, and if they have, I wonder why they didn’t highlight it in their videos. The fact that they appear in front of the hills means the objects are fairly close. It also means that I can use the hills to help measure / estimate the maximum size and speed of the objects.

I also noticed what appears to be another object near the ground that is only visible for 3 consecutive frames for 100 milliseconds. That is the exact same speed that the other objects move every three frames. I believe the object is an insect, just like I believe the other objects are insects.”

19th March: Leslie Kean posts an ‘exclusive’ to the research section of her “UFOs On Record” webpage, the entry is post-dated to the 13th March and claims that she and Blumenthal ‘broke’ the story in the Huffington Post (i.e.13th March).

This ‘breaking news’ included is a 34-image slide show with one slide detailing the conclusions of Luis Barrera (in a Flash animation in Spanish) which is what had evidently been the source for earlier quotes by Barrera but as it’s a  -Spanish- flash vid  you can’t just copy & paste it but here’s the clunky (automated) translation cleaned up a bit:

1 – Not a meteoroid or asteroid debris entering the atmosphere.
2 – Not related pieces of Comet entering the atmosphere.
3 – Not space junk (the object has intentional movements).
4 – No plane or bird.
5 – The object made a hazardous flight maneuver against the falcons W-E-W.
6 – The object performs a flight maneuver at low altitude and high speed.
7 – The maneuver has an elliptical path (or loop), and perpendicular to the direction of aircraft flying falcons (S to N).
8 – The object shows light and shadow effects du on its surface, metallic-looking, low-reflection. THE object displays an ellipsoidal shape.
9 – The object shows slight signs of activity at the bottom.
10 – Earth observers fail to detect the object, although it passes over their heads, therefore the maneuver of the object is not accompanied by a sound wave front.
11 – The object moves to the E with an inclination – 25 degrees.

Also included were three downloadable video files of the three videos that had been released so far, these were purported to be “original” but all were sized at 640×480 and only 10 frames per second (fps).

Apart from the obvious problem being that this means they are neither original nor accurate reproductions of the original, 10fps is also a big drop from the standard 24fps, if you want to see the massive difference between these then visit: 10fps

Simply change one of the main animations to 10fps in the box at the top and you will instantly see the difference between what the standard is and what we were supplied with (10fps is bottom image).

I’m not suggesting that the experts analysed a video recorded at 10fps just that rather strangely this is what was made available for download so others could also analyse it, and even stranger was that the video was billed as being the “original“. A Facebook user questioned Leslie Kean about this just recently and she was not only dismissive but it seems as if she was purposefully evasive. Or perhaps she just didn’t understand the implications of the question or the problems caused by releasing footage at such a low frame-rate.


March 20th: YouTube Video uploaded by HOAXKiller1 on 20 Mar 2012 that appeared to show one of the objects very near the photographers feet and possibly taking off from the ground just a couple of metres in front of his position:

This was then updated & the assertion reinforced by HoaxKiller with an animated image and then later with a video: 

If you have trouble seeing the bug when it’s near the ground then maybe this image will help:

And finally HoaxKiller updated a cropped & zoomed in video which showed beyond doubt that the object did actually originate from a few feet in front of the photographer:

This video is the ANALYSIS that proves the object is a bug. This video is NOT the video that claims it is a UFO.

If you still have trouble seeing it, try this video:


Well, I am pretty sure the video is self explanitory. This video proves that this object was just a flying insect. You will have to watch in HD for best results.

I was able to get my hands on the full version of the video, and using a bit of movement prediction I looked in the areas the bug might be flying from and sure enough there it was, so I highlighted it in the video. I was able to see some of these movements in previous videos but I wasn’t certain it was the bug until now. This is much more clear.

I still have no doubts about all the other objects being insects.

23 March 2012: After much searching by myself and others, YouTube user, “StiverInMyPocket(posts on forums as “Stiver”) eventually located some footage from the ceremony that hadn’t been associated in any way with the earlier footage released by the CEFAA via Leslie Kean, the reason the footage and any written accounts of the event were so hard to find was as they are apparently posted exclusively on Spanish speaking websites.


Stiver posted the following comment along with the video:

Uploaded by stiverinmypocket on 23 Mar 2012:

This is a montage of clips from another video of the Air parade at the Air Force Academy in El Bosque in Santiago, 5 Nov, 2010. An article and the original video by William Olave, were found on the Chilean website Aviacion Total (here). 

The article and the video were published on 5 Nov, 2010. The first sentence, translated in English confirms that this is the same event, on the same day, and the same place.

“Friday November 5 at a ceremony led by President Sebastián Piñera and the Minister of Defense Jaime Ravinet, was made the change of command in the Air Force of Chile.”

Unfortunately the only footage I was able to locate was of an earlier air-show back in March of 2010, but guess what?

Yep, same insect-like ‘anomalies’ are evident throughout the entirety of the video!!

The two videos I used show the F-22 Raptor and the F-16, both filmed by separate photographers and both were filmed at La Bosque Air Base in March 2010 during an airshow. The anomalies are evident in every piece of footage of both events that I reviewed and the following are just a fraction of the many that are evident:

And finally here are some animations of the ones that are more easily visible without highlighting, they are of course massively slowed down for ease of viewing as they appear on the original footage as little more than flashes:

There is still no official reply from anyone who was involved with releasing the information, Leslie Kean however is occasionally posting updates to her Facebook page. The following were posted yesterday (24th March, 2012):

I understand Kean’s predicament but all of this analysis was performed a while back and would surely have resulted in mountains of paperwork and respective analysis’ so surely it shouldn’t be that hard to locate. Reading her Facebook page it seem as if even her supporters are starting to query the whereabouts of any of the earlier analysis.

NARCAP have confirmed that they performed analysis and concluded that out of the three videos they could access they all contained a physical unidentified object, Maccabee also supported the conclusions of the CEFAA (according to Openminds.TV). Plus CEFAA have had eight sceptical & specialist scientists analyse the footage for over a year and to date we have three 10 second clips (approx.) And as the clips appear to be heavily compressed video released purely for ‘analysis’ then it raises more questions than answers as there are many aspects related to the footage that still haven’t been cleared up and in my opinion these are the most basic and fundamental aspects such as:

  • Were the three videos included in the first -and only- release taken by the same cameraman?
  • Do these videos constitute three of the seven cameras that are supposed to have captured the object?
  • Has the exact same object been verified to have appeared simultaneously on more than one camera or is it presumed to be the same object?
  • If so and if the footage released represents “the best three” then how was this verification accomplished?
  • Can we see the originals in their original format?
  • Why are the released videos labelled as originals and yet have a frame-rate of only 10fps?
  • What type of camera did the footage come from?
  • What was the shutter speed and other settings involved with processing, etc. etc. etc.

Leslie Kean seems very sure of the findings of the experts and I must admit that if I hadn’t seen the footage and was basing an opinion on words & credentials alone then I’d have to agree with her. However as I’ve seen the footage released so far as well as many other independent clips showing almost identical ‘anomalies’ well, unfortunately I have great difficulty sharing her optimism.

Never mind though because as already evidenced Leslie won’t let the opinion of a few nobody’s asking a couple of questions deter her from her goals regardless of how much evidence is presented to support an opposing theory. Apparently choosing instead to label everyone who thinks it’s a bug a, “Debunker” and proceeds to somehow perceive questions about the evidence as an ‘insult’ to those who have already analysed the footage?!

After debating & discussing the veracity of many UFO reports over the years with witnesses, agnostics, believers, sceptics and debunkers alike I find this kind of response from someone who is currently viewed as one of the more credible & level-headed ufologists a little disconcerting. Surely this kind of knee-jerk, defensive and antagonistic reaction to something as minor as an opposing viewpoint is both counter-productive and wholly unnecessary? I just think it would make more sense to at least attempt to address the concerns or at least have a look at evidence to the contrary and if you think it warrants it then perhaps act as a mediator between those asking the questions and those who performed the analysis.

But just dismissing everyone who proposes an alternative theory (a theory which is demonstrably derived directly from the evidence) is not just self-defeating but is also paradoxical for someone whose work almost exclusively focuses on revealing suppressed truths.

In fact I’ll be honest, the only reason I’ve followed this story so closely is because it has Leslie Kean’s name attached to it and so comes from a reputable journalist who isn’t into sensationalizing UFO stories that don’t (at the very least) warrant closer inspection. This may be why I was unusually disappointed with the data we’ve received so far, don’t get me wrong I didn’t expect to find absolute proof in the videos as unfortunately the UFO phenomenon doesn’t really work like that.

I did, however, expect a finished report of some description and especially when considering the sources are essentially CEFAA and Kean, both of whom are deemed as being reputable and credible within the ufological community, and to be honest I still don’t think this was an unrealistic expectation.
Anyway and for what it’s worth I’m hoping to be proved 100% wrong on this and I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing any kind of analysis that can refute the bug theory. Mainly because the way I see it is that the bug theory is THE theory that demands to be satisfactorily disproved by something more than an ‘appeal to authority’ before this case can really progress.

Perhaps then it can become a benchmark-case for all the right reasons?

So at the minute we have:

  • A video analysis that shows one of the objects taking off from the ground or at the very least -due to it being visible above the surface of the road- proves that it was considerably smaller than originally estimated.
  • A video from a completely independent cameraman who was at the same event but in a completely different location who also recorded many more of these or remarkably similar objects.
  • The video even captures an object in roughly the same place at the same time as one of the objects in the CEFAA footage but rather than authenticating the earlier footage instead it travels in completely the opposite direction thus invalidating the claim that (regardless of what it was) it was the same object being witnessed on multiple occasions.
  • Several videos (YouTube) from an air-show at the same airbase a few months earlier which show objects with very similar characteristics to those that remained unexplained after analysis.

Only time will tell I guess but whilst the fat lady may not be singing just yet, from where I’m sitting I’m sure I can hear her humming and she’s starting to tap her foot…..

Check out the original article here.
Author: Michael Naisbitt

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