Leslie Kean: Experts Vouch for Chilean UFO Video

Leslie Kean: Experts Vouch for Chilean UFO Video

 I’ve been watching this story gather momentum since it first broke and I purposefully held off commenting on the first images until more information became available, well now it has and judging by the attention it’s receiving on the internet it seems I’m the only one who’s massively disappointed on what has been posted so far. Basically the excitement centres around a short clip of what is for all intents & purposes a BLURFO (there, I said it!!) and allusions to scientific analysis of the incident.

Leslie Kean opened her article with, “Is this the case UFO skeptics have been dreading?”
Here’s the video in question and an excerpt from the article:

UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base

CEFAA officials were able to collect seven videos of the El Bosque UFO taken from different vantage points. Bermúdez commissioned scientists from many disciplines, aeronautical experts, and Air Force and Army Photogrametric technicians to subject the videos to intense scrutiny. They all came to the same conclusions.

Each video included three different, mainly horizontal loops flown by the UFO within seconds of each other. The object made elliptical passes either near or around each of three sets of performing jets. It flew past the Halcones, F-5s and F-16s at speeds so fast it was not noticed by the pilots or anyone on the ground below.

It zooms towards each set of jets at about their height, circles around and zooms back out again. Pilots who were shown the trajectory of the object in the three flybys were amazed that this maneuver is characteristic of reconnaissance aircraft coming in for a quick look at others in the sky.

Astronomer Luis Barrera from the Metropolitan University of Sciences in Chile, with an asteroid to his name, was one of eight highly skeptical scientists who analyzed the footage. He was able to rule out a meteoroid, pieces of meteors or comets, space junk, a bird or an airplane.

“The object performed a risky flight maneuver in front of the Halcones from W-E-W, at low altitude and high speed…..It had intentional movements. It moved East with 25 degrees inclination, which is the same angle of spacecraft when entering the atmosphere.”

Alberto Vergara, an expert in digital imaging, reported that:

“When we examine the whole scene frame by frame, we have been able to realize that it has, apparently, moved at a speed far superior to any flying object of known manufacture.”

Bermúdez – in a recent email

“At this time, this incident cannot be scientifically explained…..As agreed by those who have studied the videos, we can affirm that there is an unidentified aerial object present. We do not know what it is or where it came from.”

Source Huffington Post

It seems that no-one is asking the obvious question here and that’s namely what information is being withheld that proves this is anything other than a classic “Blurfo”?

Here’s the screen-capture that the Huffington Post (Kean) posted (red highlight) placed next to what is a confirmed BLURFO:

Now before I’m condemned for daring to question the veracity of the evidence Kean presents from the scientists I’m the first to admit that my opinion is based on a lossy YouTube video and so is merely an observation derived from the available data. If more data becomes available then I’ll be happy to re-evaluate and update my opinion accordingly, none of my beliefs are absolutes and ALL are subject to change should information become available that directly contradicts any –or all- of them. In short, I’m not saying that this is definitely a BLURFO. what I am saying is that the object in the video is behaving like known BLURFO’s previously captured on video and no evidence has yet been presented to the contrary.

Perhaps a few consecutive frames could be supplied (original fps), but even if not then it still seems simple enough to resolve. Because since it has been alleged seven cameras captured the UFO independently then surely one of the ‘eight skeptical scientists’ or the ‘expert in digital imaging’ were able to triangulate the footage from separate cameras in order to evaluate the size of the UFO? Perhaps this wasn’t possible which is fair enough, just explain why and if it was possible then present the evidence. Or at least attempt to prove that it’s not insects or birds so that we can all move forward, or just address this troubling aspect which at this point is surely an elephant in the room?

Just sayin’…..

Check out the original article here.
Author: Michael Naisbitt

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