UFO Passes In Front Of Moon, Really!?

UFO Passes In Front Of Moon, Really!?

Surely it wasn’t that slow a news day when KGW.com posted a video (to their website via submission) that alleged a UFO had been filmed passing in front of the moon, the accompanying text read:

UFO Moon
(Animation, so give it time).

LOCATION: West Salem, OR
BY: Nick Gillaspy
EQUIPMENT: Canon PowerShot SX10IS (80x zoom) camera

@ 7:27PM on Thursday, March 8, 2012 I recorded this video of the Moon rising up from the horizon. 22secs. into the video an object is visibly passing between myself and the Moon, from left to right. It looks like a plane to me.

I want to share this experience with the world and to get some opinions on what you think it was . . . enjoy!

I’ll spare you the disappointment of viewing the video because -as well as the animation at the top of the page- here are a couple of screen captures (animated) played quicker which further reinforces the fact that it’s merely an aeroplane (website URL signals end/restart of animation):

You can clearly see in the last couple of frames that it’s an aeroplane as you can even see both of its wings:

Anyhoo, if for some reason you want to see the video then please visit KGW.com.

However, my real reason for mentioning this though is because it reminded me of an earlier moon/UFO related story, it occured fairly recently and was a recorded “999” call to the emergency services to report a UFO which eventually turned out to be the moon!!

The police released it as a pre-emptive strike for would-be Halloween prank callers, the Telegraph wrote the following (October 26th 2011):

Bizarre 999 call from man who says he’s seen a UFO over his house… but it turns out to be the moon

An emergency 999 caller summoned police after spotting a mysterious object hovering above his house only to find out it was the moon. The man made the call, not thought to be a prank, in a state of panic saying the object’s ‘lights were blazing’.

Whoops! An emergency 999 caller summoned police after spotting a mysterious object hovering above his house only to find out it was the moon The call was released by Hertfordshire Police today to remind callers not to block the emergency lines over the busy Hallowe’en weekend. The call was made earlier this month and was initially treated seriously by the force.

The caller, who rang police just after 8pm, is heard telling police he can see a mysterious flying object coming towards his house with lights blazing. He said he was in the Canterbury and Stevenage area of Hertfordshire. The call handler asked him if he could hear engine noises but he said he couldn’t. The call handler spends several minutes writing up his description of the sighting and then says she will contact the local police team to see if they know anything about it.

Jason Baxter, assistant manager at the force communications room, said: ‘While the caller here may not have been phoning out of malice, his call still tied up valuable police resources and time for something which was not an emergency. ‘It also illustrates the kind of bogus call we might receive to 999, whether as a hoax or an inappropriate call.

Source: Daily Mail

Unfortunately the video has since been made private but I have the audio which I uploaded a while ago:

Inidentally I’m positive that I uploaded the audio ages ago but it certainly seems to be the same emergency call that is referred to…..

Check out the original article here.
Author: Michael Naisbitt

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