Mystery as UFO hunter posts images of huge spherical object in front of the Sun that was captured by NASA cameras – Alien UFO Sightings

  • A huge blue sphere was picked up by cameras on the STEREO HI1 satellite 
  • UFO hunter Pamela Johnson claims the Sun started reacting to the object
  • There are frames missing from the next two days but it’s now disappeared 

Scientists and conspiracy theorists across the world have been left stunned after Nasa cameras picked up a mysterious blue sphere moving in front of the Sun.

Facebook user Pamela Jonhson, who lives in Mexico, shared the images from a link to Nasa’s website, claiming the Sun reacted to the object.

The images, taken from Nasa’s STEREO satellites which orbit the Sun, show the large spectacle in clear view – before it goes missing from other frames.

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A huge blue sphere seen in front of the Sun by Nasa cameras has mystified scientists and sent UFO hunters into uproar

However, the object has now disappeared from view and has not been seen again

Pamela Johnson claims the Sun started reacting to the object on November 15, and there are several frames from the feed missing throughout the following days.

The images left internet users divided as to whether or not this was anything exceptional.

A YouTube account named mrfaithandphysics said: ‘It certainly does look exceptional and I’m stumped. 

‘I’d say rouge planet, but we don’t see it moving and then it’s gone.’

The footage then goes grainy, with the mysterious object appearing to disappear from view

The images, taken from Nasa’s STEREO satellites which orbit the Sun, show the large object in clear view 

Another, mrreg II, added: ‘I have downloaded the images from SECCHI HI1 and this is strange. This ‘anomaly’ can only be seen on images from 11.17, but there are missing several both before and after its appearance. 

‘But just consider this: The light on the tallest ‘lightrod’ is the planet Mercury. This ‘anomaly’ seem to be behind it…. And Mercury is 4,880 km across…’

However, a more skeptical Mike Sovereign said: ‘ok if you ask me, nasa would never be so careless to allow something like this to reach the public . And it looks like something is projecting this.’ image in space , hallographic perhaps or project blue beam.’

The YouTube account boisedk added: ‘If it were a big deal the pictures would never see the light of day.’


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