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In the strange footage, a mysterious object emerges from behind the plane’s contrails and appears to follow the aircraft

A bizarre video which conspiracy theorists believe shows a military jet being ‘chased’ by a UFO has sparked speculation online.

In the footage, the mysterious, saucer-shaped object emerges from behind the plane’s contrails and appears to follow the aircraft.

It then eventually overtakes it.

The cameraman was reading at home when they zoomed in to capture the bright object flying near the jet in the skies over Lincoln, New Hampshire.

They said: “I was reading on my deck around 7 o’clock.

“I am told that military pilots train in the mountains around where I live and I’ve always enjoyed seeing them fly through.”

The mysterious object emerged from behind the plane’s contrails

“This happens all the time, jets and helicopters are a common sighting. So I naturally saw the jet and did a double take, because there was something following it.

“I immediately thought I was witnessing some strange aircraft, possibly military but it was not a jet.

“I knew it wasn’t a jet because it was actually right behind one. The jet it was chasing left a long contrail behind it, but the UFO did not.

“The UFO was gaining on a jet. No helicopter could do that. I was blown away and luckily got out my phone in time to take a video.”

The UFO appeared to ‘chase’ the jet, according to the witness who captured the footage

The footage was originally captured in 2016, but reemerged on YouTube this week where it has racked up thousands of views.

“I watched the object gaining on the jet for about 10 seconds when I lost them in the trees,” the witness added.

“I was very excited and anxious. I felt I has witnessed something very hard to dismiss as a ‘weather balloon’ or some obvious type of aircraft.

“Shortly after the jet and object left my range of sight I saw three more jets and 1 helicopters going the same direction (in my opinion chasing the UFO).”

The object eventually ‘overtook’ the jet

But not all viewers were convinced the video was proof of alien visitors , with many thinking the object was just another plane.

One viewer commented: “Two planes flying at different height which causes the contrail.”

Another added: “It’s two planes traveling at different altitudes, one creating a vapor trail.”

Source www.mirror.co.uk

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