Strange Sky Phenomenon Spotted High Above Earth

In this video we look at an ‘uptick” of unusual sky phenomenon appearing high in the skies above planet earth in the past couple of days.

Something is drastically changed in our skies, for example the strange sunset split over Kelowna, Canada photographed by Terri Knox makes you wonder what is going on.

Credit image left: Terry Knox – Global News.

Terry Knox who sent the images to Global News said that the images have been not edited and locals were ’spellbound’ by the sight.

According to Global BC senior meteorologist Kristi Gordon the split was most likely due to a terrain feature blocking part of the sun’s rays but Blandy Castillo who lives in Kelowna said that it never happened before, and the mountains are there every day, it was something with either the sun or the atmosphere.

Credit image left: Terry Knox – Global News.

Indeed it is the question whether mountains or terrain features are responsible for blocking parts of the sun since similar images have been captured lately in other parts of the world showing a sunset split without mountains or terrain features.

While it can of course be a natural phenomenon, we may also wonder whether something invisible blocks the sun’s rays or not.


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Author: ch veeloo

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