Former NASA astronaut ‘claims the Pope knows aliens exist and want to help humans but a space war is imminent’ – Alien UFO Sightings

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THE Pope has knowledge of aliens out there who want to help humanity but a “War in Space is heating up”, a former NASA astronaut has allegedly claimed.

An email apparently released by WikiLeaks has revealed ex-spaceman Edgar Mitchell wrote to American politician John Podesta, to tell him the Vatican knows extraterrestrials exist and want to share “zero point energy” with us.

The Pope is said to have knowledge of aliens out there keen to reach out a hand to Earth

The friendly aliens want to help mankind lead better lives but are afraid of our violent tendencies, an email is said to claim.

Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon, also told Podesta a space war is imminent and said: “Because the War in Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk”.

The former NASA astronaut is also said to have revealed how “benevolent aliens” wish to share “zero point energy” with people on Earth.

The technology would apparently open up of the possibility of extracting free energy from “empty space”.

However, Mitchell says that aliens are somewhat hesitant to engage with us and will “not tolerate any form of military violence on the planet or in space”.

His first email to Podesta, which makes no mention of the Vatican, can be read in full on the Wikileaks website.

The email saying the Vatican has knowledge of aliens was allegedly sent by the sixth man on the moon Edgar Mitchell, pictured

US politician Podesta was an adviser to President Barack Obama before becoming head of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

In one of his emails Mitchell mentions a lady named Terri Mansfield who he describes as being “the director of the special peace force for extraterrestrial intelligence.”

A possible meet-up between Podesta and and Mansfield is also allegedly mentioned to give them the chance to “catch up on knowledge the Vatican has about extraterrestrial intelligence”.

John Podesta, pictured, was an adviser to Barack Obama and has worked on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign

Mitchell is said to have claimed alien life is “the highest form of intelligence that works directly with God.”

Podesta has advocated the release of data in relation to Area 51 in the past, and recently declared he persuaded Hillary Clinton to disclose secret papers about UFOs.

In the past the Vatican has allegedly stated there is no boundary between science and religion.


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