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Have you ever stopped to think about the first picture of a UFO? It is one that showed a strange object in the form of a cigar between a cloud formation on the top of Mount Washington, the highest peak of the Northeast of the United States, in 1870. For ufologists and conspiracy theorists the mysterious object was no doubt an alien spaceship and one of the oldest evidences of extraterrestrial visitors in our world.

The image was taken from a meteorological observatory on Mount Washington with a stereoscopic camera or 3D camera, capable of capturing photographs in three dimensions, making it impossible to manipulate. The description that accompanies this photo reads: “Summit of Mount Washington. Winter of 1870-1871. He entered according to the Law of Congress in the year 1871, by CLOGH & KIMBALL, in the Office of the Library of Congress of the United States, in Washington. “

With the passage of time, experts in the field have assured that the image contained clues about ships from other worlds, such as that it was a large mothership, from which smaller UFOs would have emerged. Others went further, and claimed that a swastika could be distinguished on the side of the UFO.

The original photograph was acquired by film producer Samuel M. Sherman in 2002 through an auction on eBay. After winning the auction, he promised to study it scientifically. This image is considered the first graphic evidence of a UFO, but now an Italian journalist has reported the first photo of an extraterrestrial taken inside a spaceship.

The first photo of an Alien

A book called ‘Contacts UFO in Italy (UFO Contacts in Italy: Volume One: 1907-1978’ , which was published on February 1, 2018, have the first image of an alien in a UFO. The book, which has published by the publishing house ‘Flying Disk Press’ and written by the Italian journalist and ufologist Roberto Pinotii, will narrate the main UFO sightings in Italy.

Pinotii worked as an officer in the Italian Army for NATO. In addition, he is an aerospace journalist and the founder of the ‘Ufologico nazionale’ Center in Italy, a UFO research organization that was founded 50 years ago. 

According to the Italian journalist, the strange photos were taken by two Italian men who had the opportunity to enter a flying saucer in October 1957. The image shows a kind of cabin with seats, a control panel and several other objects inside the UFO .

There is also another image of an ‘extraterrestrial being’ that wears something similar to sunglasses, a photo that for the Italian author is a true extraterrestrial visitor. Interestingly, the alien literally resembles a human being, with a small nose and thick lips.

“Two men were allowed to enter the UFO and take photographs,” explains Pinotii. “The diameter of the UFO was 24 meters, and the control booth was about 10 meters. These strange and extraordinary photographs, as well as two photographs of the supposed extraterrestrial pilot … have been published here for the first time. “

According to the author, the alleged incident associated with the image occurred long before October 1957, in Francavilla al Mare, a municipality in the province of Chieti, on the Adriatic coast. Pinotii has revealed that until now he has kept the details about this incident, and this is the first time that information about this strange event is published.

But most surprising of all is that this meeting was very positive, since the inhabitants of Francavilla al Mare and its surroundings have been in regular contact with human extraterrestrials who are willing to help humanity. The author even claimed that Alberto Perego, an Italian diplomat and consul at the time, also had encounters with extraterrestrials in his life. Pinotii also added that these extraterrestrial beings have built underground bases on Earth.

Although the images have convinced the believers in the extraterrestrial theme, the skeptics consider that it is a new deception and only shows a person with dark glasses somewhere indeterminate on our planet.

What is your opinion about the mysterious photographs? Do they show an extraterrestrial being in human form? 

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