“It’s clear as day”: Man captures ‘knight on horseback’ after flying new drone at 11th Century castle – Alien UFO Sightings

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Thomas Arnold, 41, was spooked when he spotted the apparition galloping through Berkeley Castle – shot when the drone mysteriously lost contact for ten seconds.

A man has claimed his drone has captured the ghost of a knight on horseback riding across an 11th century castle – and said his footage is “clear as day”.

Thomas Arnold, 41, was flying his new drone at Berkeley Castle when he was spooked by the apparent apparition galloping through the grounds.

He said the footage was shot when the drone mysteriously lost contact for ten seconds and thought nothing of it until he reviewed the video back his home.

Thomas, from Dursley, Gloucestershire, said he believes he captured a knight riding his horse across the castle.

Thomas said he captured a knight on horseback riding through the castle grounds

He said: “When I was it I said ‘oh my god, what’s that’. I started zooming and rewinding and there was definitely something there.

“Where the footage was shot, the drone lost contact with the control, which was with me.

“I pressed the ‘return to home’ key, but it wasn’t until I got home that we noticed what I would describe as an apparition going through the courtyard.

“I have looked online and I can’t find any HD footage of a ghost so I think this is really unusual.

“It’s clear as day, in daylight and in HD. It’s brilliant.”

Thomas, a TV production technical specialist, bought the drone on Tuesday, and took it out for a spin over Berkeley Castle on Thursday.

The ghostly figure was captured at Berkeley Castle

He said the drone unexpectedly lost contact with control for ten seconds, so he activated the function to force it to return, unaware of the footage it had captured.

But it wasn’t until he watched the footage at home on his TV he noticed a white transparent shape gallop from the bottom to the top of the courtyard.

He checked through his footage and discovered the surrounding chimneys weren’t producing smoke, and the wind was blowing in the opposite direction.

“I checked the flight information and I can’t find an explanation for it,” he said.

“I’m definitely a believer.

“When I was seven or eight me and my grandfather spotted to talk to a neighbour, Mrs Bramble, and I remember sitting on a bench talking to her.

“We got home and my grandma asked what had kept us, and when we told her we had been talking to Mrs Bramble she told us she’d died the night before.”

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