Miscellaneous UFO Resources: “Police Officers and UFOs”

(Northern Ontario UFO Research and Study, Sudbury,
Text by NOUFORS.com:
“Police officers are among the best trained observers
that you will come across. They are trained to observe, record and investigate
anything suspicious or unusual while on the job, collecting every detail that
might be crucial in a written report that they have to submit. Having to do
patrols on a daily and nightly basis, it is no wonder that a great number of
them have been witness to some of the most amazing UFO sightings ever reported.
During the October-November flap of 1975, police
officers were first to report UFOs maneuvering in the Sudbury (Ontario, Canada)
area, along with a nursing staff at Pioneer Manor (a nursing home).
What follows is a list of some of the more famous
cases in Ufology ever reported by Law Enforcement officers. You’ll find some
pretty interesting audio clips to listen to, including recordings made by
police dispatch.”
Among the UFO resources are many news articles and
radio news reports.


Ohio State Highway Patrolman Dave Burlile (and fellow Patrolman
Robert D. Young) sighted a UFO in Georgetown in 1958
(roundtownufosociety.com/noufors.com photo)

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