Cylindrical Luminous Objects Leaving Earth Caught On Camera

An expert in photography witnessed two cylindrical luminous objects, actually three objects; that seem to leave the atmosphere directing towards space. He took some 8 high-resolution images of the cylindrical objects in the night of April 14, 2018 on the outskirts of the city of Rykkinn, in Norway.

The photographer said: I found the mysterious lights when I checked the sequence of my photos and visible in 21 frames. The camera was outside on my balcony. The shots were made in raw format.

I think that the objects in the frames are very strange, that is, 3 lights almost parallel cross the sky directed towards the space moving the one following the second in front and almost perfectly.

I looked up and I cannot find any satellite that matches the trajectory. I also checked the monitor with the rare satellite crossing but nothing matched these objects. My camera’s clock works well. Images are recorded with a Sony 6000 camera in manual mode. Mufon case 91487.


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Author: ch veeloo

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