UFO News Article: “Expert Gives Opinion On The Saucers”

10 July 1947
(Charleroi Mail, Pennsylvania)
Source: rr0.org
Quote from the article:
“On March 22, 1870, a flat, light-colored disc was observed
by the ship ‘Lady of the Lake,’ then in mid-Atlantic between South America and
Africa. The disc appeared to be of large size and seemed intelligently
controlled. A report of it was made in the journal of the Royal Meteorological
Society and a sketch included. The sketch is strikingly similar to sketches
made by observers of the flying saucers.
Other discs were seen in North Wales Aug. 20, 1839, in India in 1839 and
in Norway Nov. 3, 1886.”
The article is written by R. Dewitt Miller.


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