Northern California UFO – Derrel Sims

There are so many photos and videos of UFOs going around, on the internet and elsewhere. It’s pretty tough to credit them, as there are many ways to fake them. But also, because there are simply things out there that look like UFOs that are really tricks of light, unusual clouds and more. Trained experts can spot manipulation of the evidence. Remember analyst Jim Dilletoso during the “Black Ops” episode of my show “Uncovering Aliens”? He wasn’t able to discredit the photos based on the evidence.

That still doesn’t mean they are alien spacecraft, but possibly UFOs–unidentified. I find this fascinating, and don’t discount it–but prefer to have corroborating evidence.

Cell Phone photo of UFO in Northern California

Cell Phone photo of UFO in Northern California

I don’t have that with this photo I’m sharing. All I can say is that it comes from the best friend of a top tier science consultant for Team Alien Hunter, so the person is very well known to us and we can vouch for his credibility. He shared the image privately, with no intention of going public and with no personal agenda. The individual has reported unusual events in his life, and of course, I love the fact that he’s Native American! (My statistics show that a high percentage of alien abductees have Native American/Celtic/Irish ancestry.)

For the facts: The photo was taken with a cell phone, in the evening, so has an “unreal” quality to it. The location is a somewhat remote, wooded area in the mountains of Northern California’s Mendocino County.

I can’t say what the object depicted here is, but again, it sure is interesting. Notice the bending of the trees? In a perfect world, we’d have the object slightly behind the trees for better perspective and also to make it less likely to be photo-shopped–but I don’t think the UFO was prepared to pose for this photo! Maybe next time.

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