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UFO investigating has its “ups” and “downs”, mostly “ups”, but some “downs”. The “ups” are going to new places, meeting new faces, and investigating the strange and unknown; the “downs” are generally the people who just lie for whatever reason, and some ridicule from the public or press too! But the “ups” always out weigh the “downs” by a very large percentage as long as you don’t cross that Proverbial Line.

A little bit about me:

I’ve been interested in the UFO phenomenon for as long as I can remember. I started out by saving the Weekly Reader magazines which had UFO related articles and buying some books related to the paranormal, while at Lafe Nelson elementary school, Safford, Arizona. As I got older I read newspaper articles and watched television shows pertaining to the unknown, and after high school, I started going to UFO related lectures and Sci-fi type conventions. My buddy Mark Kaelin and I would volunteer as security for the now famous, San Diego Comic Con, so we could get free passes for the whole convention. Back then it was about a tenth of size it is now, but every bit exciting.

I went to those types of conventions including Fangoria, because it was the “bump in the night”, the “shadows in the dark”, the “lights in the sky” that intrigued me. Still does, and it’s more than an obsession, it’s my life. I have to laugh thinking back to one of the times I was working security at a signing table at San Diego Comic Con, and my buddy Mark was working security at the paint gallery. He asked me, “Hey, who’s signing table were you assigned to?” I said, I don’t know, some guy named Stan Lee. Mark who was a comic book collector at the time went ballistic. Stan Lee! Yeah, I said, who is he? He was a nice guy. I was such an idiot back then, some say still am. Ha ha…

Mark and I had two separate reasons for going to these types of conventions; Mark was there as a collector of comic books and models, and I was there for the fantasy of it all. I knew from a very young age that there is more to life than what we perceive. After elementary school let out, I hopped on a bus and went to an after-school Catholic school. Looking back now it was one way of getting free babysitting while both parents worked, and another way of instilling certain methodologies in your children. But for me it was difficult. I used to question the nuns, get into trouble speaking openly, and constantly challenged what they were teaching us. It wasn’t out of disrespect, but more like, “Hey that doesn’t make sense, there’s more”.

I can’t tell you why I’ve always known intelligent life exists outside this planet, I had a sighting when I was about 6 or 7 but it’s been so long ago, I still challenge my memories about it. Nothing special, just unusual lights out in the distance seen from my bedroom window, but later in life I learned there might be more to all of this.

Mentioned in the book, The 37th Parallel, which was written by Ben Mezrich in 2016 about me and my family, it talks about an experience my mother and her sister had. Later in life as I got heavy into UFO research and investigation, my mother opened up to me about an experience she had when she was a little girl living in Morenci, Arizona. Morenci is a small town known for one of the largest copper mines in North America, and it’s there my mother actually saw Grey aliens. A large family of three girls and three boys, my mom the youngest, had to sleep on a portable bed in the hallway near the living room. She can’t remember how many times, but remembers it happened more than once. Some nights while sleeping, she would wake up late at night and watch little people walk around in the house. She told me she was so scared, she would pull the covers over her head until they were gone. She doesn’t remember if they ever took her, but as she got older and as my mom, she would every now and then tell us about her dreams of floating through the house.

Her sister, my aunt Petra, was with her husband Roy and three children driving from Southern California, to Arizona to visit my grandma. Before Interstate 10 was built around the early 1960’s, travelers would have to take other longer routes to Arizona. Back then the highways didn’t have rest areas, so when drivers got tired, they would find a secluded dirt road exit, pull off away from the highway, and take a nap. Pulling away from the highway with their lights off, offered some security, especially for travelers with children.

The average family car of the 1950’s, would only run about 50 miles per hour. The distance my Aunt was traveling was around 750 miles, so it would take about 15 hours one way. It would take longer if you make food and bathroom stops, and with small children I’m sure there were plenty of food and bathroom stops.

So my uncle Roy getting tired while driving through the night, pulled off the side of the road to take a nap. While everyone in the car was sleeping, my aunt woke up to see Grey aliens peeking in through her car window. Too scared to scream which would wake-up and panic my uncle and three cousins, my aunt just crouched down in her seat and watched them, as they watched her. This happened somewhere around Interstate 40 by the Mohave Desert. My aunt can’t remember what transpired that night, but she did tell me, for some reason she eventually just fell asleep.

Throughout my life I’ve had some experiences, mostly psychic, nothing groundbreaking, just randomly predicting certain things, and some dreams that came true; but craft sightings and shadow experiences all happened after I got active with my investigations.

Out of all my investigations the scariest thing that ever happened to me was my shadow man sighting. I generally don’t like going into detail about this, but all I can say is, don’t venture into something you’re not prepared for. I say this for all who want to be UFO Field Investigators, it takes proper research and training before you can conduct your first investigation. This particular event I wasn’t prepared for and it still bothers me. While conducting a personal investigation, I saw someone, something, watching me. I can’t tell you who it was, but I have some ideas kicking around in my head. I can tell you this, “I slightly stepped on that proverbial line that night.”

As one gets more experienced doing what I do, there is what I like to call, “proverbial lines” that should never be crossed. These lines are there to keep you and your family or team safe. In July of 2016, Max Spiers, a paranormal researcher, crossed a proverbial line. He was found dead on a sofa at a friend’s house in Warsaw, Poland, after vomiting up a black liquid. At the time Max, while living in the UK, was making a name for himself as a conspiracy theorists, and had been invited to speak at a conference in Poland. In a text to his mother just days before his death, he wrote, “Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.” Whatever Max was investigating be it paranormal or government cover-up or conspiracy, he stepped over that proverbial line and he paid the ultimate price.

That was a wake-up call for all us investigators, especially some like me that accidentally stepped on that line.

UFO/Paranormal investigations from time to time can collide into many conspiracy theories, and just because it’s considered a conspiracy, doesn’t mean it can’t be real. That proverbial line can keep us safe. Like I said in the beginning of this blog, UFO investigations has its ups and downs, and the downs can be deadly too!

Throughout the years I’ve been in the heat of things, from Roswell, to Animal mutilations, to craft sightings, to Bigfoot sightings and Spirit investigations. On every one of them, on every occasion, I keep one eye open watching my back, because you never know where that proverbial line is.

Life on this planet is a lot larger and more complex than most can imagine. I’ve had and am still having, great opportunities seeing and experiencing things most people don’t know about or can even comprehend.

This is one hell of a personal ride for me, and it ain’t over yet. Well…. as long as I don’t step over that, Proverbial Line.

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