X-FILES: UFOs are Real, Says Former MoD Insider

UFOs are Real, Says Former MoD Insider

UFO expert Nick Pope, who was bound by the Official Secrets Act, says his work involved monitoring Russian development of a death ray and dealing with psychics

     ALIENS, UFOs and death rays sound more like the stuff of science fiction than the subjects of top-secret government briefings… but I know from my 21 years at the Ministry of Defence that our leaders take these threats more seriously than they let on.
By Nick Pope
The Sun

I also learned from my time there that UFOs are real. And I should know, because my job throughout the nineties was to investigate them.


… recently emerged of MoD documents showing the UK government’s interest and involvement in UFOs – and suggesting that we had spent 50 years investigating the possibilities of developing alien technology.

I worked on these files and came out of retirement to help with the MoD’s release project – the decade-long declassification of top-secret papers – which concluded in January.

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