14 Bizarre Pirate Traditions Most People Don’t Know About

10: Most Pirates Didn’t Bury Their Treasure Because They Mostly Stole Booze and Weapons

Even though it’s easy to picture a pirate burying treasure on a tropical island, only one pirate, William Kidd, was ever recorded as having buried treasure. Kidd deposited his loot off the coast of Long Island but the scheme backfired when an ally dug up the trove and used it as proof to convict Kidd of piracy.

There’s a good reason why most pirates didn’t bury their treasure; most of their booty wasn’t gold and jewels. Pirates typically stole food, alcohol, and weapons, in addition to lumber, cloth, and animal hides – essentially, whatever ships might be carrying across the Atlantic. Those goods weren’t worth much in the ground so pirates used them immediately or sold them.

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