The Paranormal Radio Host and the Money Scandal – Pt 3

The Paranormal Radio Host and the Money Scandal - Pt 3

Steinberg Bankruptcy Failed to Slow Claims of Cash Crisis

     Gene Steinberg reported a monthly income of $2,790.76 on a 2016 bankruptcy petition. The Paracast and Tech Night Owl host spent now well documented years seeking cash gifts via email and other media, while consistently framing common living expenses as emergencies and claiming himself virtually destitute. The bankruptcy file is public record and arose through an ongoing open source investigation of Steinberg’s financial claims conducted by a growing number of interested parties.
Jack Brewer

By Jack Brewer
The UFO Trail

In addition to questioning Steinberg’s financial choices, it should also be considered that bankruptcy dissolves debt. That is largely the point in filing. One who files bankruptcy typically ceases paying creditors immediately. In spite of this being the case, a review of Steinberg’s cash soliciting history shows he continued calls for financial gifts prior to, during, and after the filing.

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