Chinese Medicinal Plant Tricks Predatory Wasps Into Dispersing Its Seeds By Smelling Like Prey – Science Sushi

Chinese scientists have discovered how a plant tricks wasps into carrying its seeds great distances. Photo Credit: adapted from Chen et al. 2017 Figure S1; used with permission from Gao Chen Stemona tuberosa is well known for its use in Chinese traditional medicine, but it’s got a much more intriguing claim to fame: It’s one of less than a handful […]

UFOs Videotaped From LAX-Bound Plane

On July 18, 2018 a passenger flying to LAX noticed the bright lights out the window. He did a second take because he first thought it must be a reflection. Passenger: Used my Iphone 10 to record it and could tell almost immediately it was in fact an actual object(s). The lights would go in […]

Aztec Ball Court Discovered Beneath Mexico City Streets

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the Mesoamerican ball game to indigenous cultures across the Americas. It’s one of the oldest sports in the world, and the first we know of to have used a rubber ball—examples of these balls have been dated to 1600 B.C.E. The game changed a lot as it slowly migrated north over […]

Centipedes Can Carry Rat Lungworm—Just In Case You Needed A Reason Not To Eat Them Raw – Science Sushi

Doctors recently discovered rat lungworm in Chinese red-headed centipedes after two people became ill from eating them raw. Centipede Photo: Yasunori Koide When the 78 year old woman arrived at the hospital, it was clear something was wrong. She’d been suffering from headaches and been in a drowsy fog for weeks. So doctors checked her cerebral spinal fluid, […]

How to Build A Mountain Range – The Crux

An aerial view of the Andes mountains in Argentina. (Credit: Nicolas Prieto/Unsplash) There’s only one place on the planet where you can see flamingos roaming salt flats, vicuñas grazing in herds and condors soaring overhead, all as hot springs bubble beneath towering volcanoes. It’s the Altiplano of South America — a nearly 1,000-kilometer-long, otherworldly plateau […]

Sorry, Elon. There’s Not Enough CO2 To Terraform Mars – D-brief

Lockheed Martin’s Mars Base Camp is part of a vision to bring astronauts to the Red Planet. But to enjoy living there longterm, many scientists have long dreamed of altering the planet’s atmosphere. (Credit: Lockheed Martin) Mars might not have the right ingredients to terraform into our planetary home away from home – even with […]

The Generalist Specialist: Why Homo Sapiens Succeeded – Dead Things

Being a generalist specialist, a unique niche, is the hallmark of our species, say researchers — and the reason Homo sapiens (left) are still around but other hominins, including Neanderthals (right), are not. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons) Some animals are jacks of all trades, some masters of one. Homo sapiens, argues a provocative new commentary, are an evolutionary […]

Worms frozen in permafrost for up to 42,000 years come back to life

After being defrosted, worms “nematodes” frozen in permafrost for up to 42,000 years showed signs of life, they started moving an eating since the Pleistocene said a report from Yakutia, the area were the worms were found. Credit image: Siberiantimes. The roundworms from two areas of Siberia came back to life in Petri dishes, says […]

Incredible skeletons brought to light by the Roman catacombs

The fascinating discovery of a labyrinthine network of graves dates back to 1578 , hidden deep beneath the Roman roads. The tombs housed the skeletons of the first Christian martyrs , sanctified in honor of their courageous and stainless support of the Christian faith. Most of these skeletons, called “Saints of the catacombs” by those who first discovered them, were carried […]