‘Flying Saucers, Like Girls, Are Here To Stay’ – Frank Scully Papers

Flying Saucers, Like Girls, Are Here To Stay

     Frank Scully held many titles in his life: author, journalist, humorist, & politician. However, his interests eventually led him into a niche field: flying saucers.
Text of a speech given by Frank Scully at a convention published in Saucers, December 1953. Box 6, Frank Scully papers.
By Wyoming Public Media
American Heritage Center

Scully wrote for places like The New York Sun and ran a few non-profits in California but in the 1950s he became heavily invested in the government’s treatment of UFO’s and quote: “little men with magnetic rays.”

He eventually wrote a book called Behind the Flying Saucers. Scully’s book argued that the Air Force regretted denying the existence of interplanetary ships. …

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