Osteen definitely loves expensive luxury cars. Until recently, he used to drive a 9-year-old car that was previously owned by his father. We’re not sure whether he donated his car to charity or sold it, but it is very probable that some obsessed Christian bought it for a fortune. Anyways, as we can see in the images above, Osteen loves his Ferraris and other luxury cars, and it is said that he owns a whole garage full of automobiles! We have to admit that would be fitting to his $10 Million mansion. Car insurance is definitely not cheap for these sports cars, even if you only lease them.  Osteen probably bought them and transferred the money from his checking account using online banking. Or maybe he just receives the cars as a charity donation for his church and is also tax exempt in this matter. What a life. He definitely doesn’t have to take out a loan for purchasing any of these cars with his estimated net worth of an estimated $50 million.

According to the pastor himself, he met his wife Victoria at a local jewellery store in 1985. Is this like when people nowadays meet on Tinder but tell their friends that they met at a Starbucks? Sounds a bit shady to us. It does seem that Osteen has an expensive taste for luxury watches, as is evident by the Audemars-Piguet seen in the picture above. This pastor really lives a luxurious and lavish lifestyle! While he is “synchronized” with the lord, other people struggle to pay their monthly house mortgage. It is sad that he doesn’t donate more money to charities and research centers that could benefit so many people.

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After dropping out of college, Osteen returned to Houston and initiated Lakewood’s television program. Until 1999 he produced his father’s televised sermons. Osteen’s father constantly encouraged Joel to start preaching, but he was more interested in making business deals. He must have understood at one point, though, that he could turn his religion into a successful business model, making millions of dollars. Joel began preaching and his father passed away shortly after that. Now he is the senior pastor of Lakewood with more than 43,000 attendances.

When Osteen’s son graduated from the University of Texas, the famous TV preacher and his wife were seen throwing a ‘Hook ’em Horns’ hand signal. Like many of their millions of Twitter followers, we were totally shocked to see the megachurch family using the devil’s sign. It does get a bit more reasonable when you realize that the gesture is also the symbol of the University of Texas mascot, the longhorn Bevo!

Pastor Osteen acquired this massive church in 2005, where more than 16,000 people can sit in the arena! For some reason, there are no crosses, no stained glass and no religious iconography. Isn’t this weird? With all the hype sounds around Osteen, it sounds as if some cult is involved here. Could this be his real plan? Is he starting a new form of religion? The church even has wireless internet access and a 32-video game kiosk. We don’t recall this is a must-have in a church today. We actually thought people go there to pray, but maybe that’s just us.

Osteen was on Kilmeade & Friends to talk about his deep friendship with President Donald Trump, as well as the visit of Pope Francis in America. As is quite known by now, Donald Trump and his family have a lot of shady things going on. We wonder – what do they work on together? Do they use the same tax lawyer? Does Trump give him inside information on financial investments? Perhaps they even have the same online broker – God only knows…

After a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville in August 2017, many leaders of the other mega-churches condemned white supremacists and their racist attitudes. Shockingly, the rally resulted in one woman killed and a number of injured! Unfortunately, even doctors who probably went to some of the best medical schools in the world couldn’t save the woman’s life. No doubt that her family hired a personal injury lawyer to receive an indemnity from her life insurance. When Osteen was asked about the incident he kept mum. He didn’t condemn the acts of the racists at all!

Lakewood Church can house almost 18,000 people, but when Hurricane Harvey ravaged Houston in August 2017 and left thousand homeless, Osteen didn’t want to open his church for people seeking shelter. He later said that this was just a misunderstanding. It sure did not help people who ran out of money and didn’t have a family in some other state! Many of the people seeking shelter are still waiting for insurance payments to help them get their lives and houses back. Lakewood Church later announced that the church was dealing with internal flooding, which kept it closed. Is this true? We don’t know for sure, but if it is then we hope that at least they had insurance that also covers floods and fires. Osteen further expressed that he didn’t open the Church because of safety issues. 

Osteen has many celebrities and politicians as friends, who also donate money to his church. Tyler Perry, for example, donated a $250,000 charity gift, and the same goes for Oprah Winfrey. Will Smith, Donald Trump and many other A-listers support him and the church financially. We wonder if this is meant to evade taxation. In any case, we sure hope Osteen has a really good tax attorney and that he isn’t committing any tax fraud.

Radar Online reported in March 2017 that a family sued Osteen and Lakewood Church for body-slamming its baby. Again the Osteens hired a really good criminal attorney and made a deal with the personal injury lawyer of the family. The Church settled with the family for just $15,000, despite denying the accusations.

In 2005, Larry King asked Osteen about gay marriage and abortions – Osteen didn’t want to talk about these topics at all. Maybe his corporate defense attorney advised him not to talk about them on TV? Later, in an interview for Piers Morgan Tonight, Osteen finally expressed his view on gay marriage by saying that it is a sin and that the Bible teaches us so. We strongly disagree that this is the case, and hope LGBT Rights Activists will seek legal advice on the matter and take steps.

It has been rumored for quite a while that Victoria Osteen underwent plastic surgery. Well, women with ageing-skin issues have been envying Victoria for many years! A company called Lunaluxe took advantage of this and used her face for Facebook ads, without her permission, in order to push the sales of their skin-care products. It is highly possible that Victoria hired a personal injury lawyer in order to sue the skin care company and protect her personal right to privacy. While it is somewhat suspicious that she’s looking 10 years younger today than a decade ago, we weren’t able to find any information confirming that she underwent plastic surgery or Botox treatments.

In 2005 Osteen was interviewed by Larry King, and during the interview, he was really contradicting himself. He said that he wasn’t certain who was really going to heaven – if it’s going to be only the people who believe in Jesus or those who believe in other faiths too. While we believe that his statement was very charming, he went quite under fire from both critics and fans. This is why he later wrote an apology letter saying that he is certain that only those who serve Christ will have the option for an eternal life: “I believe that Jesus Christ alone is the only way to salvation… I realize I had not clearly stated that having a personal relationship with Jesus is the only way to heaven.”

Osteen’s first 5 books have all became national bestsellers in the US. Your Best Life Now was on the bestseller’s list for more than 200 weeks and sold over 2.5 million copies. It seems he has made a considerable part of his fortune from book sells. We’d like to suggest that he donates part of his earnings from book sells to charities, which he might be happy to do since wealth management advisors and tax attorneys can help him minimize tax payments by donating to charity organizations.

In 2010 President Barack Obama invited the whole Osteen family to attend Easter breakfast at the White House. We wonder how close their friendship actually was, especially since we know that Osteen is close friends with Donald Trump who shares the same lavish lifestyle.

Joel Osteen is the 3rd most popular TV Evangelist, behind Billy Graham and Rick Warren. Osteen is broadcasting a weekly program which is watched by more than 10 million American viewers according to Nielsen Media. Just think about the influence he has on the masses – his weekly program is aired in more than 100 nations around the globe!

Osteen’s weekly audio and video podcast has, according to iTunes, more than 10.5 million downloads each week. The fact that Osteen is such a bright star on iTunes simply left us speechless.

An insignificant spill on Victoria Osteen’s armrest made her totally freak out in 2005. The New York Times reported that the spill was smaller than a coin, yet she was accused of assaulting a stewardess and got a fine of $3,000 for delaying the flight. Sharon Brown, the assaulted flight attendant, said that Osteen’s wife “insulted her, shoved her against a door and elbowed her in the breast.” A psychiatrist that evaluated Brown’s accusation as part of the court proceedings, as well as a different flight attendant, believe that Victoria Osteen may have been “dismissive and abusive to Sharon Brown because of her race.” The jury, however, found her not guilty because there wasn’t enough evidence. Sharon Brown should have found a better personal injury attorney in order to win that case, while Victoria Osteen most likely hired one of the best criminal attorneys in the US.

Attorney Richard Garbarni said to the National Enquirer that, although Lakewood Church is registered as a not-for-profit organization, “[Joel Osteen is] leveraging the church as a money-making vehicle! The church pays [to air] his sermons, which are just de facto infomercials to promote his books. The Lakewood Church is a shell to funnel people to his website so he can sell his books.” Daniel Boroff, who runs Charity Watch, told the tabloid that non-profit organizations needs to follow strict regulations and to act in the name of public interest. He believes that Osteen is solely pursuing his private business interests.

Ironically, The American Dollar is the name of the band that sued Joel and his wife for $3 million, due to copyright violations. Band members told the Christian Post that the song Signaling Through the Flames was used without their permission for Supernatural, Osteen’s DVD. As the band’s lawyer said, money wasn’t the main reason behind the lawsuit. They simply don’t want to be associated with a global televangelist. Eventually, a judge sided with the Osteens and yet again the Osteen’s had the better lawyer – probably an attorney who specializes in copyright lawsuits.

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