WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Obama, Bush and the Clintons ALL DODGE the UFO question

US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is on a one-man-mission to get the “truth” about aliens and UFOs out there.

And after asking Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W Bush for information, some say the lack of response is very telling.

The former Presidents and Secretary of State have been grilled on Jimmy Kimmel Live over the past two years – being asked whether they had access to alleged top-secret files on the existence of aliens, and if so what they saw.

Each time, he put it to them straight, asking what they had seen and what they would divulge.

And, each time, he was met with a similar response.

The four top-drawer politicians laughed awkwardly, side-stepped the question, but refused to say outright there are no secret files or that there is no evidence of any alien visitations of Earth.

Alien conspiracy theorists claim that the US Government does have evidence of alien visitations, but it has been kept secret from the public for years amid fears of the impact it would have on religion and the rule of law if we knew we were not alone.

They claim a so-called “truth embargo” prevents anyone speaking out about the real facts.

UFO blogger Cheryl Costa, who has keenly followed the questioning unfold wrote about her view of Mr Kimmel’s mission and the responses thus far.

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She said: “He has asked three former US presidents and a presidential candidate the same query about UFOs. 

“All of them brushed it off. Some side stepped it with a laugh, others with an uncomfortable snicker claiming they can’t talk about it.

“Jimmy Kimmel is an entertainer and should be commended for bringing up the topic in front of a national television audience that a majority of Americans want to know the answer to. But why is Kimmel the one asking this challenging question?

Hillary Clinton vowed to open up the UFO files if she made it to the White House.

“Why haven’t journalists affiliated with mainstream news stations or newspapers or, better yet, the White House press corps asked the same hard question? 

“Do these world-class journalists feel that a question about UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence is silly and nonsensical?”

The Paradigm Research Group (PRG) was set up by Steve Bassett, who is the only registered lobbyist in the US on the subject of UFO disclosure.

He is trying to get more mainstream media in the US, UK and further afield to take the subject seriously, an cheap pressure on this allegedly in the know as Jimmy Kimmel has.

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He said: “After 20 years of dealing with the media on the extraterrestrial issue, I can say with full confidence the number one concern is ridicule. 

“I have talked with more than a few reporters who are not afraid to dodge bullets in Iraq, but petrified they might be the butt of a joke on a late night talk show.

“The extraterrestrial truth embargo is an intellectual ghetto where the walls are not built of brick and mortar, but of ridicule. They are walls in the mind.

“Should anyone be surprised absent a full and determined commitment to the truth of all things by fearless journalism from the Fourth Estate, that systemic, institutional lying is approaching full normalisation in America?

“Ending the ET truth embargo is the way back from this nightmare. Who wants to go first?”

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Source www.express.co.uk

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