Humanity has never experienced such a rate of technological development as we are facing now. Virtually every possible sphere of human life is becoming in some way technology-dependent. Indeed, in the past few decades alone, technology has brought more improvements to medicine, industry, agriculture and education than any other epoch in human history. And this is only the […]

UFO Headlines 8/23/2018

From the Farside: “Reason to Believe Aliens are Real” – The Daily Galaxy Gaia Hits Filmmaker Patty Greer With an Old-School Weapon: a Lawsuit – Westword ‘Aliens on the Moon’ Headlines Obscured the Truth About Moon Habitability – Inverse This Scoutmaster Had a Run-in with a UFO. The Kids Saw it Too. – History Why […]

Want Your Kids to Read More? Get ‘Em a Robot – D-brief

Behold, Minnie, the artificial reading companion. Look at those eyes. Who wouldn’t want to read to a face like that? (Credit: Michaelis and Mutlu, Sci. Robot. 3, eaat5999 (2018)) Back in the day, if parents wanted to encourage their kids to read without, you know, actually reading with them, educational TV programs like Reading Rainbow […]

Rosetta’s Best Map Yet of Rubber Ducky Comet 67P – D-brief

Artist Bernd Nicolaisen made this 3D relief of Comet 67P based on Rosetta data. (Credit: Bernd Nicolaisen based on images taken by the Rosetta/OSIRIS cameras,© ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA) When the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft arrived at Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko in 2014, it revealed a surprising “rubber ducky” shape. Now researchers have combined thousands […]

STEVE the Aurora Isn’t An Aurora After All – D-brief

What’s in a Name? After STEVE was first brought to the attention of the scientific community in 2016, it was originally thought to be a proton aurora. The traditional aurorae are largely caused by electron activity, but protons can also be responsible. The catch is, proton aurorae are generally too dark and too diffuse to […]

The Alien From Aliens Was Originally Chinese, Alleges Flea Market Art Find

Swiss surrealist artist H. R. Giger is credited with designing the Alien (née Xenomorph) from the iconic movies and games. The character appeared in a 1976 work by Giger. But could it be actually much older than that? That’s what one internet user named Zhao is claiming in China. This painting, Zhao blogs, was allegedly discovered at a […]

Claim of ‘Alien Abduction’ By Republican Congressional Candidate

     “We realize that Rodriguez Aguilera is an unusual candidate.” So conceded a Miami Herald editorial endorsing a candidate who once claimed that majestic, blond extraterrestrial beings kidnapped her when she was 7. By Kristine Phillips The Washington Post8-20-18 Years before Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera announced her bid to replace one of the most influential […]

How Grasshoppers Hopped Around The World – D-brief

(Credit: Martina_L/shutterstock) Take a walk through high grass during summer, and you’ll likely have a bunch of grasshoppers tickling your ankles. They are seemingly everywhere. And yet a comprehensive understanding of their evolutionary past has been next to nowhere. That changed earlier this summer when Insect Systematics and Diversity published the largest genetic study ever […]

Black Holes Bolster Case For Quantum Physics’ Spooky Action – D-brief

Dust partially obscures a distant quasar in this artist’s illustration. (Credit: NASA/ESA/G.Bacon, STScI) With the help of two extremely bright quasars located more than 7 billion light-years away, researchers recently bolstered the case for quantum entanglement — a phenomenon Einstein described as “spooky action at a distance” — by eliminating one classical alternative: The freedom-of-choice […]

Farts: an underappreciated threat to astronauts. – Seriously, Science?

Photo: flickr/ NASA Goddard Photo and Video [Note from the authors of “Seriously, Science?”: After nine years with Discover, we’ve been informed that this will be our last month blogging on this platform. Despite being (usually) objective scientists, we have a sentimental streak, and we have spent the last few days reminiscing about the crazy, and often […]

Ultraterrestrials or Pilots of the Spaceways?

“We are well aware that the word humanoid is not in the dictionary;” wrote Charles Bowen, editor of the United Kingdom’s world-renowned Flying Saucer Review, “that it was coined somewhere along the line by a writer or researcher. Nevertheless it seems to suit our purpose far more than those other words of anthropology like hominid, which […]