Man Records UFO Over His Melbourne Home | VIDEO

UFO Hovers Over House in Melbourne, Reports Family 9-2-18
Picture: Paul Steinberg/SuppliedSource:Supplied

A MAN and his family were left stunned when they spotted three bright red lights hovering silently in the sky, claiming there was no “regular explanation” for what they saw.

     A MELBOURNE family claimed to have seen something unexplainable hovering over their house over the weekend and even managed to snap a picture of the mystery object.
By Ally Foster

Paul Steinberg told that he was in the driveway of his North Caulfield home with his daughter at about 8pm on Saturday night when they both spotted the UFO.

“It was flying just under the clouds. It looked like three red lights in a triangular formation all moving silently together in a westerly direction,” Mr Steinberg said.

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