38 UFOs Pass Across The Moon And Was Filmed by Astronomer In Italy

Full video at the end of article. Scroll down!

This event was captured on July 29, 2018 in Rome, Italy by Alessio and submitted to TBV Investigations who have just released the footage following their investigations.

The witness states: “It was the day after the Red Moon (or Blood Moon) and the weather was clear. To record the passage of the Moon I used the follow equipment:

-Sky-Watcher Maksutov SkyMax 127/1500 OTA 
-T2 ring 
-Pentax HD DA AF 1.4x rear converter 
-Pentax K-70

They don’t look or behave like birds, being the first thing people will say, other than that they’re all flying in the same direction. I don’t see any wing flaps, I do see one flying slower than others. Would be good to analyse it more, zoom in on them, change filters etc. VERY INTERESTING CATCH!


[embedded content]

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