Strange Series of Anomalies Stretching Across Pacific Ocean

Weather modification transmitter dish site at MIMIC beam source and prove of ionospheric heaters in Antarctica?

We have another set of mystery anomalies on MIMMIC Map. This time the patterns cross the entire Pacific Ocean. They stretch from the West Coast of the USA, All the way over Hong Kong to China

Hong Kong is full in the path of the anomalies and.. a giant typhoon Cat 5!

Image left: Siple Station Antarctica – Image right: Lake on Island Annobon

Once again beams are coming from a location in Antarctica but also from a remote island Annobon. On top of the island is a drained lake with a diameter of 700 meters. This lake has been turned into an “Arrecibo-Sized” Weather Modification Site according to Florida Marquis who found the location, see video Island Annobon here.

Coordinates Island Annobon: 1°25’36.42″S 5°37’59.36″E

About the location in Antarctica it is suggested that the beams are coming from the Siple Station, maybe a coincidence but the station is not visible on Google Earth.

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