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A woman who believes she has been abducted by aliens says she was “aggressively probed” by extra-terrestrial beings.

Lisa Tenney, 40, has shared her story and claims a number of different aliens have ‘captured’ her over the years, since the age of about six.

The life coach, from Idaho, USA, describes meeting both evil and friendly extra-terrestrials and wants to encourage others with similar experiences to openly talk about what they saw and felt.

Talking to Earth Mystery News , Lisa said: “My first experience I can remember is these beings coming through a wall in my room.

Lisa describes her experiences with both friendly and ‘evil’ aliens

“And somehow I ended up being able to go through the wall with them.”

Lisa said she was around age five or six at the time of her first alien abduction.

Lisa says her experiences were sometimes “aggressive”

“I would be in a ship. Like physically be on a metal-ish, solid, cool surface.

“I’ve had all types of contact experience.”

Lisa’s sketch of the alien coming into her bedroom at night

She believes she’s had contact with ‘evil beings’ from a government project, known as MyLab, as well as visits from other ‘higher beings’ she considers to be like family members.

Lisa also claims that the MyLab beings would “aggressively” examine her genitals.

Lisa believes she was raped by ‘MyLab’ aliens

She tells the cameras: “There was no emotional connection. It felt like rape. It was not a good feeling.”

Lisa then says that she has been left with physical scarring from the probings. After having three children, she was forced to get her uterus removed – which she believes is a result of the alien examination.

Lisa also says most of her experiences occurred with her twin sister at night after they had gone to bed from when she was six, right through to her teens.

But while Lisa is comfortable talking about her memories, she admits that her sister won’t talk openly about alien abduction.

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