Glowing UFO Lands on The Ocean, Authorites Investigating | UFO CHRONICLE – 1956

Saucer Lands on Ocean - Los Angeles Examiner 2-9-1956

     A strange illuminated object hurled out of the sky about 1:30 today, landed on top of the water behind Redondo breakwater and lay glowing there long enough for dozens of witnesses to see today.
By Los Angeles Examiner

The floating “object” emitted a brilliant white glow for at least 20 minutes and then sank below the surface, reliable policemen reported.

It was about the size of a 14 ft boat, they said.

Officers from Redondo and Hermosa Beach police departments witnessed the phenomenon and reported to their respective headquarters by radio. Life guards were sent to the scene and divers braved the chill waters to attempt to reach the glowing object.

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