Mystery deepens: Eerie Ring of Lights appears again in the sky over Minnesota

On September 14, a strange ring of lights like a flying saucer type has been spotted in the sky above Shakopee Archery Range, Jackson Township and above Stillwater in the state of Minnesota, see our article here.

The mysterious ring of light has appeared again and this time above Bloomington, Minnesota on September 30, 2018, see image above.

The flying saucer-like object has been photographed by a couple who were driving home from downtown Minneapolis and when they exited the highway in Bloomington, they saw a small-ish band of light in the sky.

As they continued on the road, the circular “orb-ish” object appeared to get larger, with about a dozen points of brighter light with a slightly dimmer ring connecting them. It just hovering in the sky, there was no movement and it was not the moon shining behind a cloud, according to the witnesses. Mufon case 95253.

A strange case, whether someone is joking with a drone equipped with lights or there is more going on with this ring of lights.

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